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Strategic Portfolio Prioritisation Funnel and Change

Portfolio management is a coordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most effective balance of organisational programmes and projects. Organisations that do this effectively achieve the right balance between normal day-to-day operations and organisational ch

Thinkers360 | September 22, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Voted onto the ACMP Global Board of Directors - Peter F Gallagher

I am very proud to have been voted onto the ACMP Global Board of Directors by my fellow Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) - Sep 2021

Thinkers360 | September 15, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Leadership Coaching to achieve meaningful goals

The most frequently used words are profits, productivity, projects, tasks, results, and goals in work. The achievement or non-achievement of outcomes and goals is related to rewards such as bonuses, threats, and development plans to overcome weaknesses.

Thinkers360 | September 08, 2021 | Ahmed Aref
Change Waits for No Leader

Change waits for no leader and both the knowledge and skills required for leading day-to-day operations are very different to the leadership of change.

Thinkers360 | September 08, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Announcing the Thinkers360 2022 B2B Thought Leadership Outlook Survey

In association with the British Computer Society Thinkers360 is conducting our 2nd annual industry research into the current and future state of B2B thought leadership working with our opt-in B2B thought leader and influencer community with over 100M followers on social media combined.

Thinkers360 | September 06, 2021 | Yessenia Sembergman
Owners of Two Dallas-Area DME Companies Face 25 Years in Prison after Guilty Verdict in Federal Court

Owners of two durable medical equipment companies in the Dallas area were convicted by a federal jury recently for their role in health-care fraud.

Thinkers360 | September 02, 2021 | Robert Church
a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) - Step #9: Adoption

Change Management Adoption: This step is about the organisation and employees making the transition from the current state ‘a’ to the future state ‘B’, leaving the old ways behind and adopting the new way of working and behaving. It is confirmation that they have fully accepted the change,

Thinkers360 | September 01, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Welcome to Now|New|Next

Now|New|Next is a strategic blog representing the temporal nature of speaking in three dimensions simultaneously. We live in a hyper-connected, synchronous, and asynchronous world that demands the probable of now, the plausibility of new and the possibility of next.

Thinkers360 | August 27, 2021 | Tobin Trevarthen
Change Management Leadership - Responsibility Two of Three: Model the New Way

Change Management Leadership: Effective and proactive leadership is essential for successful organisational change. This book outlines the three critical leadership responsibilities to implement change

Thinkers360 | August 25, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher

Worldwide Innovation Network (WIN) cloud-based platform, developed by Pravin Rajpal of InnovatioNext transforms your smartphone/PC into a mobile incubator and accelerator. Millions of people in the world will now be able to bring their ideas to life with world-class tools and technologies.

Thinkers360 | August 24, 2021 | PRAVIN RAJPAL
Strategy Planning and Change Alignment

An organisation’s strategy is a result of the strategic planning cycle, where the mission and vision are translated into a strategic plan within the restrictions of organisational values. Change Management is an enabler.

Thinkers360 | August 19, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Profit Plus Purpose: The parent-child connection, employee well-being and why they matter for your company by Dr Gauri Seth

A holistic consideration of wellbeing that integrates the wider connections and responsibilities of working parents may not feel like a priority. In this piece, I’m going to explain why supporting corporate parents through a family wellness lens can demonstrate perfectly how purpose can translate...

Thinkers360 | August 12, 2021 | Dr Gauri Seth
2nd Anniversary of my Change Management Handbook - Pivotal in Creating CMBoK

I am celebrating the second anniversary of the release of my Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Change® Volume 3. Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK) Volume 3 “Change waits for no leader”

Thinkers360 | August 11, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Emerging business Improvement opportunites

The rise in leadership and team coaching is offering managers a golden opportunity to step up in their work, be interdependent leaders, and achieve greater success and exceptional results.

Thinkers360 | August 06, 2021 | Ahmed Aref
AI Enabled e-discovery: Expectations vs Reality

Legal professionals believe that a lot of promise offered by AI in law is unproven with several use cases unable to deliver. However, one area easier to embrace, adapt, and prove is digital discovery (erstwhile called e-discovery).

Thinkers360 | August 04, 2021 | Nitin Kumar, CMC, CMAA
Change Management Leadership - Responsibility One of Three: Articulate the Change Vision

Change Management Leadership - Leadership of Change® Volume 4 Change Management Body of Knowledge - Volume 4 First Responsibility: Articulate the Change Vision ~ Peter F Gallagher

Thinkers360 | August 04, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Is It Time to Step into Your Power?

As I wrote in my first book, Creating a healthy, humane world requires more than new models that shift the deck chairs on a sinking ship. It takes entirely rethinking the nature of business, work, and life. What are your questions? What would you do and where would you be if no one was looking?

Thinkers360 | August 02, 2021 | Ayelet Baron
Cyber Security: A Top-down Imperative for Schools

JC Gaillard talks to Glaucia Rosas from the Edutec Alliance on how school leaders need to approach cyber security in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

a2B Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) - Step #8: Developing New Skills and Behaviours

8th Critical Organisational Change Implementation a2BCMF® Step - Execute Phase Definition: This step is about Developing New Skills and Behaviours by performing a gap analysis of existing skills and behaviours at the current state ‘a’

Thinkers360 | July 28, 2021 | Peter F Gallagher
Virginia-Based Family Medical Practice Agrees to $2.15 Million Settlement for Violating False Claims Act

A Virginia-based company recently agreed to a $2.15 million civil settlement with the state attorney general of and the U.S. Attorney's office.

Thinkers360 | July 27, 2021 | Robert Church