Thinkers360 Features & Benefits

General Features & Benefits

All Thinkers360 members on the Content Plan or above receive the following benefits: Customized Thinkers360 member page in membership directory, use of Thinkers360 member logo on marketing (print, email, website) collateral, access to member-only exclusive content library, events directory, speaker bureau, emerging technology & trend radar, insights library with primary research, opportunity marketplace and our thought leadership leaderboards.

  • Content Plan (for readers): Unlimited access to browse our thought leader directory, events directory, emerging technology & trend radar, insights library, opportunity marketplace and expertly curated content library on over 50 business and technology domains.
  • Pro & Premium Plans (for thought leaders): Elevate your thought leadership by having us expertly curate your portfolio and build your media kit. Contribute to the Thinkers360 Member Blog and Emerging Technology & Trend Radar and be prominently featured in the Thinkers360 Thought Leader Directory, Speaker Bureau, Events Directory and Opportunity Marketplace. We amplify your content via Thinkers360 social channels.

Benefits for Pro Members

Thought Leader Directory & Opportunity Marketplace (Featured Listing)

Gain a featured listing within the Thought Leader directory and the Opportunity Marketplace on both public and private sides of Thinkers360 to promote your expertise. Join an exclusive B2B community of the world’s premier thought leaders and authentic influencers with over 25M followers combined.

Speaker Bureau (Featured Listing)

Create an advanced profile and featured listing within our Speaker Bureau on both public and private sides of Thinkers360. Your advanced profile captures additional speaker-related information as well as featured videos and speaking topics.

Industry Events (Featured Listings)

Gain a featured listing within the Events directory on both public and private sides of Thinkers360 to promote your upcoming personal appearances and industry events.

Member Blogs

Contribute and publish member blogs which appear in the private Content library and public Member Blog sections of Thinkers360. Use these blogs (strictly non-sales, non-sponsored) to convey some of your key thought leadership concepts and receive priority placement in our weekly newsletter.

Member Analytics

Gain access to Analytics detailing your top 5 leaderboard positions, monthly advancement, as well as the overall top movers. The leaderboards are populated by our free and paid members and there is no difference in how we calculate the rankings.

Thought Leadership Portfolio Assessment

Gain access to our persona-based thought leadership Portfolio Assessment which allows you to benchmark your content portfolio against peers on Thinkers360 to see how you compare.

Portfolio Curation on Your Behalf

We curate your thought leadership portfolio to build your digital media kit. If you have any personally authored items requiring manual entry, such as LinkedIn articles, just send us the details and we’ll enter on your behalf to keep your portfolio up to date.

Auto-Import of Your Feeds

Pro Members who have personally-authored blogs, podcasts or videos with RSS feeds (e.g., Medium, YouTube, WordPress), can enter their feeds using Import Publications and turn on “Auto Reload RSS Feed”. We automatically import your most recent content every week.

Social Media Amplification

Pro Members gain social media amplification where we share your Thinkers360-curated content items on our LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram channels. Please feel free to comment, like and share.

Emerging Technology & Trend Radar

Full contributor access to the Thinkers360 Radar to enter new technologies/trends or to assess existing technologies/trends. You can assess business impact, risk factors, industry scenarios, predictions and recommendations. We source predictions from the Radar for our annual Thinkers360 Predictions Series.


Full access to our Insights library which includes our recent 2021 B2B Thought Leadership Outlook Study and a cadence of primary research throughout the year.