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Covid-19 and the opportunity to mitigate university student drop-outs through the adoption of learning analytics

For too many years, understandable legal, ethical and moral fears by university leadership have tended to paralyse progress in the deployment of learning analytics to support their students.

Thinkers360 | September 24, 2020 | Dr Ed Wakelam
Pre-Release Book Announcement Nov. 2020 – My Fifth Change Management Book (Workshop Manual)!

Change Management Gamification - Adoption Focus: Employee Change Adoption About Change Management Gamification Adoption: This a fascinating change management implementation simulation that offers change management practitioners experiential learning on employee change adoption in a safe environment.

Thinkers360 | September 24, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
B2B Commerce is Being Upended and Buyers are in the Driver’s Seat [Sponsored]

In the span of just a few months, business as usual has dramatically changed and may never look the same again. The coronavirus has single-handedly reshaped how business is done not only for B2C companies but B2B companies as well.

Thinkers360 | September 22, 2020 | Sarah Hoffman
Company Values

Are Your Employees Living Company’s Values?

Thinkers360 | September 16, 2020 | Amir A. Hamid
Cyber Security: The Lost Decade – 2020 Edition

Why large organisations still struggle with decade-old security problems – and how to fix them

Thinkers360 | September 16, 2020 | Jean-Christophe Gaillard
Organisational Change Management Challenges - Execute Phase

Change implementation challenges that organisation face when implementation change during the 'Execute Phase'.

Thinkers360 | September 16, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Diversity & Inclusion

How do you increase Diversity & Inclusion at your work place? Is it only an activity or a business case?

Thinkers360 | September 15, 2020 | Amir A. Hamid
Change Resistance – Employee Standpoints

It doesn’t matter which continent I am working on; I typically encounter three-employee change standpoints: Advocates, Observers and Rebels. However, to successfully implement organisational change management, we must engage, communicate and entice these three employee groups to get buy-in, change a

Thinkers360 | September 09, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Imagine If The Way We Now Live Became Redundant

Ari Abraham from Philosophie Group Inc. Santa Monica, California talks to Karl Smith, a consultant, and innovator who has said in the past “My desire was not to build things that humans already do but to find out how technology could evolve our human experience.”

Thinkers360 | September 03, 2020 | Karl A Smith
Change Management Communication – Starts with the Why

“Effective change communication is at the heart of successful change, it acts like the blood in our bodies, but instead of supplying vital oxygen and nutrients, communication supplies information and motivation to the impacted stakeholders”

Thinkers360 | September 02, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
The Autonomous Hot Tub and other moving Rooms

Humanity continues to make the same innovation errors in every generation, instead of finding out “how technology could evolve our human experience” they focus on how to upgrade or change our existing experience.

Thinkers360 | September 01, 2020 | Karl A Smith
Organisational Change Management Challenges - Plan Phase

Organisational Change Management Implementation Challenges and Barriers - Plan Phase a2B Change Management Framework® (a2BCMF®) - Steps 1 - 4: 1. Too Many Change Initiatives 2. Inactive or Invisible Sponsorship 3. Poor Previous Change History 4. No Detailed Project Change Plan

Thinkers360 | August 26, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Could the Pandemic Be an ESG Wake-Up Call?

The pandemic has shown the world the power of unanticipated events. At the same time, analytic data has revealed that one of the best ways to plan for these risks, and lessen their impact, is to have a system of ESG metrics in place for early identification.

Thinkers360 | August 22, 2020 | Helen Yu
Change Management - Sponsorship is one of the Most Important Elements in any Change Journey

“Without effective and proactive sponsorship the change project will eventually fail, the change will not be adopted by the employees nor be sustained, and it will not deliver the intended benefits”

Thinkers360 | August 19, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Visioning and a Famous General

Learning How Important it is to Set a Vision for Yourself and Your Team 'Before' You go Into a Business Meeting

Thinkers360 | August 17, 2020 | Terry Earthwind Nichols

A career is an accumulation of challenging experiences over the course of many years – with each experience contributing to the growth of an individual.

Thinkers360 | August 15, 2020 | Amir A. Hamid
6 Ways to Boost Customer Experience Design Adoption & Growth

Today, customers and employees are searching beyond the buzz word of “Customer Experience”, and “Employee Experience”; they are checking your governance complexities, procurement policies, purpose experience, what your company and you as a leader stand for.

Thinkers360 | August 15, 2020 | Ricardo Saltz Gulko
Positividade Tóxica?

Não somos 100% felizes, 100% do tempo, muito menos tristes. Existe muita coisa entre os dois. Portanto, um comportamento 100% do tempo positivo é incongruente com ser humano e pode, sim, ser uma fuga. Talvez daí o termo “positividade tóxica” tenha surgido.

Thinkers360 | August 14, 2020 | Romulo Cholewa
No longer the enemy.....

How do we improve relationships to fuel innovation

Thinkers360 | August 13, 2020 | Gordon Donovan
Change Management - Fixed Verses Growth Mindset Leadership

Some of the key challenges when implementing change are employee resistance and not learning or applying the new skills, as well as adopting the new behaviours. These traits can be described as aspects of a fixed mindset when change implementation really requires a growth mindset.

Thinkers360 | August 12, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher