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Negotiations - How to win the toughest of them but fairly

This is a continuation of my earlier article on how mirroring helps us crack the most difficult of negotiations the link to which is as shown below.

Thinkers360 | March 26, 2023 | Rejo Francis
Signs Your Employees Are Out of Sync

This article discusses the signs that indicate employees are not aligned with the organizational strategy and how OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) can help improve alignment. It provides practical examples of how OKRs can increase workplace clarity, collaboration, performance, and accountability.

Thinkers360 | March 25, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
Jamming Your Way to Success: Understanding Strategy Jams

This article explores the concept of Strategy Jams as a collaborative and innovative approach to strategy development. It highlights successful examples of Strategy Jams that have led to breakthroughs and new solutions and discusses the benefits of this approach for organizations seeking to foster

Thinkers360 | March 24, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
Friday’s Change Reflection Quote - Leadership of Change - Adhere to Safety Critical Processes

Safety critical procedures or processes should be adhered to and have independent governance. The consequences of optionality can be deadly and costly.

Thinkers360 | March 24, 2023 | Peter F Gallagher
The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - March 24, 2023

Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work

Health During Hardship

Crisis is certain to strike either your organization or your associates as individuals. Invest in a game plan for responding with intention. It's easy to focus on health when everything is going well. It's critical to do so when chaos ensues. Prepare now! I'm booking keynotes for the summer and fall

Thinkers360 | March 23, 2023 | Fitz Koehler
3 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Working in Food Service (That Business School Never Taught Me)

I’ve led teams large and small, and I’ve coached leaders in a huge variety of situations. The lessons I find myself drawing upon again and again, aren’t the things I learned in business school (Sorry, University of Georgia).

Thinkers360 | March 23, 2023 | Lisa Earle McLeod
How do you measure employee engagement… and should you?

Employee engagement is one of the biggest focuses in business right now. So how do we measure it and should we?

Thinkers360 | March 22, 2023 | Luke Jamieson
Blockbuster's Business Model Bust

This article discusses the lessons that entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn from the failure of Blockbuster Video. Blockbuster was once a dominant force in the video rental industry, but the company failed to adapt to changing consumer preferences and ultimately went bankrupt.

Thinkers360 | March 21, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
How Can Leaders Equip Organizations/Companies for DEI Success?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts are crucial for organizations as they improve employee morale, increase innovation, and reduce turnover rates. DEI initiatives should be infused into every part of the business.

Innovative Uses of Technology in HR and Workplace Culture

Technology is increasingly shaping and transforming the modern workplace, leading to innovative uses of technology in HR and workplace culture. Software like CultureX can help to measure and improve workplace culture to create a less toxic environment.

The Key to Developing Products that Wow Customers!

This article highlights the importance of design thinking in creating targeted, effective products that meet their users' needs. It emphasises the idea that by using design thinking methodologies, businesses can create products that are not only successful but also leave a lasting imp

Thinkers360 | March 19, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
How Can Leaders Facilitate Continuous Learning/Development in the Workplace

To maintain a competitive edge in today's business environment, leaders must foster a culture of continuous learning and development in the workplace. This can be achieved by connecting, motivating, and inspiring team members to take on new challenges and acquire new skills. Leaders should be realis

The Fosbury Flop - How a single person Disrupted a sport.

Dick Fosbury expired this week at the age of 76 and this is a tribute to this brilliant disruptor.

Thinkers360 | March 18, 2023 | Rejo Francis
Friday’s Change Reflection Quote - Leadership of Change - Change Leadership Commands Benevolence

Benevolent leaders show empathy, humility, and respect. These are important traits when you are committed to organisational change and improvement.

Thinkers360 | March 17, 2023 | Peter F Gallagher
The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - March 17, 2023

Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work

Is Your Boss Holding You Back?

If you want to get promoted, grow your career, or even make a bigger impact in your current role, your boss will play a crucial part in either propelling that future or holding it back.

Thinkers360 | March 16, 2023 | Lisa Earle McLeod
Future-Proof Your Business Strategy: The Crucial Role of Scenario Planning

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, scenario planning is essential for organizations developing a robust business strategy. Scenario planning involves creating multiple plausible future scenarios to help organizations identify potential opportunities and risks.

Thinkers360 | March 16, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
10 Key Takeaways From the Playing to Win Book

"Playing to Win" by Roger Martin is a highly regarded book on business strategy that provides a practical and actionable framework for developing winning strategies. In today's highly competitive business environment, having a clear and effective strategy is essential for success.

Thinkers360 | March 15, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
Are Your People Being Pulled By Rope or Pushed By A Sail?

Motivating people at work can be challenging, but it is essential to building a positive and productive workplace. Understanding the different types of motivation can help you develop strategies to encourage and support your employees.

Thinkers360 | March 15, 2023 | Tony Martignetti