Thinkers360 2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Outlook Report

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B2B influencer marketing is far different from B2C and it’s constantly evolving and maturing. Our data suggests that the most successful brands are looking far beyond social media marketing and beyond traditional social media influencers. The primary research survey was conducted in Q4 2022 among Thinkers360 Members as well as among other creators and consumers of B2B influencer marketing content.


Here are a few key insights from the report:

  • Making Purchase Decisions – 82% see influencer content as moderately important or higher for making purchase decisions
  • Impact and Relevance are Key Attributes – Impactful (96%), Relevant (89%), and Actionable (88%) are the key attributes in world-class influencer content
  • Looking Beyond Social Media Influencers – Primary sources of influencer content include authors (49%), social media influencers (46%), entrepreneurs (42%) and consultants (32%)
  • Specialist Communities amplify Content – Over 95% see specialist communities as either primary or secondary outlets for distributing influencer content in 2023

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2023 B2B Influencer Marketing Outlook

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