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B2B Influencer Marketing



A new performance marketing solution for brands and agencies to harness the power of the world’s first, largest and premier B2B thought leader community and influencer marketplace.

Thinkers360 has built the technology so any brand can win market share and maximize ROI with authentic influencer recommendations that are the most effective form of advertising there is!

Our premier opt-in B2B influencers, with over 100 million followers on social media, amplify your brand and content via their web and social channels on a pay per click or organic basis.

Thinkers360’s turnkey solution makes it possible to launch with thousands of the world’s premier B2B influencers today.

Our features include:

B2B Influencer Discovery & Vetting.

Select precisely the right B2B influencers for your niche with in-depth profiles, portfolios, and media kits, patent-pending algorithms, and industry-leading analytics.

Brand Awareness & Content Activation.

Amplify your executives, experts, and unique content such as thought leadership perspectives, product and service announcements, news, events, and more.
B2B Influencer Marketing Campaign

Integrated Employee Advocacy.

Activate employee advocates with 1-click publishing on social media and take advantage of owned, earned, and paid media all via an integrated platform.

Campaign Management & Industry-Leading ROI.

Full campaign management with real-time tracking and reporting, influencer payments, and industry-leading ROI, trusted by leading brands such as BCW, CISCO, IBM, Oracle, PwC, and SAP.

At Thinkers360, we're reimagining thought leadership, redefining how authentic influence is measured, outpacing the alternatives, and delivering unequaled value for brands and influencers alike.

Thinkers360 is your access to influence.

Our premier opt-in B2B influencers, with over 100 million followers on social media, amplify your brand and content via their web and social channels on a custom contract, pay per click or organic basis.

Our opt-in network is ready and willing to engage with your brand. Our platform facilitates easy collaboration, and our influencers are highly receptive to sharing your content with their tribes.

Self Service Campaigns

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Full Campaign Management

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Kevin Delaney
Senior Writer & Content Creator, CISCO

As a Cisco senior writer and content creator, the Thinkers360 community has been a key resource. With access to leaders, SMEs, and visionaries from all areas of technology and industry, I can pull in the critical external insights that give our thought leadership the wide perspective it demands. In addition, the team have helped amplify our content to a highly diverse, and powerfully influential audience of decision makers around the world.

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