Market Research & Insights

A better way to find business, technology and sustainability answers.

Imagine having the insight, influence, and expertise of thousands of thought leaders at your disposal. With Thinkers360’s market research service you do!

The Thinkers360 platform makes it all possible. With a direct connection to the world’s premier B2B thought leaders and authentic influencers, Thinkers360 users can reach thousands of opt-in academics, advisors, analysts, authors, consultants, executives, influencers and speakers – with over 100M followers on social media combined – ready to take on your most pressing challenges and opportunities.

With the ability to target respondents from an array of expertise, demographics and regions, Thinkers360 offers a one-stop-shop for anyone looking for B2B market research and insights. With self-serve software options, as well as professional services, we make sure you have a market research option that works for you.

Enterprise Use Cases

Innovation Challenges

Pose innovation challenges to the Thinkers360 community or a relevant subset and receive private responses.

Advisory Inquiries

Set up advisory inquiries with our analysts and influencers to receive expert advice related to your most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Market Research

Get fast, affordable intelligence from our B2B thought leader and influencer community when you need it most.

Product Research

Gain insightful advice and feedback on your new or existing product or service offerings from Thinkers360 experts.

Focus Groups

Create custom focus groups within Thinkers360 to throw light on your strategic questions.

Gig Economy

Share your gig opportunities for authors, consultants, influencers and speakers and pick exactly the right expert for your niche.
What Thinkers360 Members are Saying...

As a Cisco senior writer and content creator, the Thinkers360 community has been a key resource. With access to leaders, SMEs, and visionaries from all areas of technology and industry, I can pull in the critical external insights that give our thought leadership the wide perspective it demands. In addition, the team have helped amplify our content to a highly diverse, and powerfully influential audience of decision makers around the world.

Kevin DelaneySenior Writer & Content Creator, CISCO

In a world where information and opinions are a commodity, Thinkers360 connects insights that go beyond B2B, they bring real people, real experiences, and real insights together in a valuable P2P (people-to-people) network.

Brian SolisDigital Anthropologist, 8x Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker at

Thinkers360 is a great platform for getting the word out about my writing and expertise as well as expanding my network of thought leaders. I particularly value the rankings and regular digest emails, as they bring me into contact with professionals, content, and ideas I might otherwise have missed.

Kelly BarnerManaging Director, Buyers Meeting Point LLC

Trying to weed out thought leaders who actually have the ability and the knowledge to share and influence trends is always challenging. Thinkers360 finally has put in place the foundation for doing this in an objective, credibly, and thorough manner. For me, it’s the modern day Who’s Who of thought leadership.

Thomas KoulopoulosChairman at Delphi Group

Thinkers360 is a great platform to connect, share content and get great insights. It’s amazing seeing the large number of influencers on the platform sharing ideas, content and exchanging best practices. Worth joining!

Marcell VollmerChief Innovation Officer, Celonis

I joined Thinkers360 to connect with other Thought Leaders in the industry, build my network, and learn from them. I was pleasantly surprised to see traffic coming to my website through Thinkers360. It was nice to be recognized as a Thought Leader based on my work.

Rashim MoghaHead of Product, AAU at Automation Anywhere and Founder, eWOW