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Experience the education, inspiration, and fun of Cisco Live in Las Vegas or from anywhere in the world. Choose to attend in person or online. Get ready to come back together to build community, share experiences, and explore our digital future.

Date: June 12, 2022 - June 16, 2022
Location: Physical and Online | CISCO | Physical | Yessenia Sembergman
Startup Grind Global Conference 2022

Global 2022 will bring together 3,000 of the greatest startups and scale-ups across the Startup Grind community and global tech ecosystem. Join us for meaningful networking and mentorship, developing deeper connections that bring humanity back into focus; storytelling and educational content shared by leaders of brands who stood out this year by thinking human-first and serving a more diverse consumer, and hands-on workshops designed to help you evolve and scale your startup. If you can’t make it to Silicon Valley, the benefits extend online where you can join us remotely along with +15,000 others from around the globe. This year's event is built for you. One way or another, we hope to see you there!

Date: February 28, 2022 - March 02, 2022
Location: Silicon Valley & Digital | Startup Grind | Physical | Estefania Vergara Sembergman
#PRODUCTCON February 2022

Organized by Product School and structured around the hottest topics in Product Management, ProductCon takes place online four times per year, and gathers over 15,000 product professionals from all over the world.
ProductCon highlights Product Leaders from diverse backgrounds and leaders of color. You’ll learn from inspirational Heads of Product, VPs and CPOs from tech giants such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and more.

Date: February 17, 2022 - February 17, 2022
Location: Virtual | Product School | Online | Estefania Vergara Sembergman
RSA Conference 2022

RSA Conference is where the cybersecurity world comes together. For four days, you’ll gain insights, join conversations and experience solutions that could make a huge impact on your organization and your career. With so much change happening in our industry, we’re here to help you stay ahead of it all.

RSA Conference itself is transforming, too. We’re excited to be back in San Francisco, but we’re just as excited to offer a digital option as well.

However you experience RSAC 2022, you’ll come away with knowledge and insights that will spark ideas and help you make the game-changing decisions that will transform the way you protect the world from threats.

Date: February 07, 2022 - February 10, 2022
Location: Moscone Center San Francisco, CA & Digital | RSA Security LLC | Physical | Estefania Vergara Sembergman
MicroStrategy World 2022

How will your organization embrace change in the year to come? Join the global event featuring the technology, methodology, and network you’ll need to own 2022.
February 1-2, 2022 • 100% Virtual

Date: February 01, 2022 - February 02, 2022
Location: Virtual

Think, Act, Transform

Think…Act…Transform is a two and three-day tropical and energizing experience that will leave you rejuvenated and inspired to take action. Whether you are focused on your career or your personal life, at Think, Act, Transform you will discover how to bring harmony to all aspects of your life. You will have time to reflect on your current circumstances and the changes that you want to see in your life. Think Act Transform is designed to help you stop living by default. You will learn techniques to heighten your sense of awareness and take inspired action in your career or other aspects of your life. Live your life by design. Your success awaits!

Date: May 11, 2022 - May 15, 2022
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico | M. L. Coss and Associates, LLC | Physical | Lourdes Coss
Quantum Computing for Finance #5

The #quantum in #finance conversation continues. Is 2022 is the quantum teenager year then there's no better time to be listening from the experts who are predicting what the next 12,24,36 months will look like.

Join Esperanza as she speaks with Najwa Sidqi, PhD of KTN.

Any thoughts or question please get in touch with Emanuele, Anahita or Paolo. #quantumcomputing

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Date: January 27, 2022 - January 27, 2022
Location: Online | Quantum London | Online | Paolo Cuomo
INTEGRR8: The Industry 4.0 Conference

This conference features keynotes from global technology leaders, breakout sessions on a cross-section of digital transformation topics, and an expo hall featuring cutting-edge technologies that are making waves in the manufacturing sector.

I am lucky enough to be the Keynote of the conference

Date: May 10, 2022 - May 10, 2022
Location: Novi, MI | Automation Alley | Physical | Jeff Winter
What the Bleep is Ego and Shadow? - Sarah Willoughby

"What the Bleep is Spirituality?" the webinar series was a spark of creation between Matthew Embrey and Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson.

The series of webinars focused on Spirituality and Spiritual topics in order to normalize the conversation surrounding Spirituality. Additionally, an intention to bring those that have misconceptions about or that may be on the fence about Spirituality and Spiritual topics into the conversation.

Date: March 19, 2022 - March 19, 2022
Location: Live on Facebook @whatthebleepxyz 9 am PST / 12 pm EST | Matthew Embrey and Julie-Ann Guthrie-Smulson | Online | Sarah Willoughby

According to Juniper Research, the number of IoT connected devices in 2021 will reach a whopping 46 billion, a 200% increase in the last 5 years. The increase in these devices is not going to slow down anytime soon, but we do need to use these innovations in technologies to slow down climate change and secure global net zero by 2050. In a report published by Ericsson, the use of IoT has the potential of reducing emissions by as much as 63.5 gigatons by the year 2030. IoT solutions are already helping slow climate change with small changes like a global recommendation to switch all lighting to LED in public spaces, which is estimated to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. In this session we will take a look at IoT solutions that are already reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency within homes, businesses and organisations.

Date: February 28, 2022 - March 30, 2022
Location: Mobile World Congress Barcelona