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Black Hat USA 2021

Now in its 24th year, Black Hat USA is excited to present a unique hybrid event experience, offering the cybersecurity community a choice in how they wish to participate. Black Hat USA 2021 will open with four days of Virtual Trainings (July 31-August 3) conducted in real-time online, with all instructors accessible throughout each class. The two-day main conference (August 4-5) featuring Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, and more will be a hybrid event—offering both a Virtual (online) Event and a Live, In-Person Event in Las Vegas.

Date: July 31, 2021 - August 05, 2021
Location: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas & Virtual | Black Hat | Physical | Yessenia Sembergman
HexCon21 by Hexnode

Latest in the industry right from the best in the industry. Be the first ones to hear about our latest announcements and forecasts.

Training sessions straight from the people who brought you Hexnode. Better yet, you get certified as the go-to person for everything Hexnode.

Date: September 21, 2021 - September 23, 2021
Location: Virtual | Hexnode | Online | Matthew Rosenquist
The App Commerce Virtual Conference

International Keynote: Human connection through mobile

Date: September 02, 2021
Location: Melbourne, London | POQ Commerce | Online | Aarron Spinley
Putting the Supplier Experience at the Forefront of Strategic Procurement

Session 1: Making the Case for Supplier Experience Management - July 22, 11am ET
Procurement has always had a supplier experience, but only recently has energy been invested in designing and improving it.
Doing so will require procurement to revisit many of the policies, processes, and programs that affect suppliers - starting by making the case internally that the supplier experience is on the critical path to objectives such as top line value creation, supply chain resiliency, and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives.

Session 2: Supplier Experience Management in Practice: Today and Tomorrow - July 29, 11am ET
For a SXM program to be truly successful, many groups in the enterprise need to be involved. One early area of cross-functional focus will have to be data - both the quality of current data and the process for collecting and improving data in the future. This naturally leads to the formalization of SXM priorities and objectives - essential elements for making the program sustainable.

Session 3: Understanding the ROI of World Class Supplier Experience Management - August 5, 11am ET
What does it mean to be ‘supplier centric’ and how much work will procurement have to do to achieve that label? In this session, we will explore the meaning of supplier experience management (SXM) and study how it connects to other initiatives and types of value procurement is already leading.

Date: July 22, 2021 - August 05, 2021
Location: | Art of Procurement | Online | Kelly Barner
Certified Master Coach Program from the Center for Coaching Certification

Learning Outcomes:
Differentiate between Group Coaching, Team Coaching, Facilitation, and Training.
Plan for and coach a group session.
Fully describe a coaching agreement and the Code of Ethics.
Identify the do’s and the don’ts for meeting ethical guidelines and establishing the coaching agreement.
Illustrate and describe coaching process.
Recognize and apply the do’s and don’ts for establishing trust and coaching presence.
Practice and demonstrate active listening, powerful questioning, and direct communication.
Practice and demonstrate creating awareness, designing actions, planning and goal setting, and managing progress and accountability.
Explore sensitive topics and demonstrate openness to discuss in coaching sessions.
Identify areas for additional research to enhance coaching services.
Plan for and coach in keeping with the Code of Ethics and ICF's Core Competencies.

Date: September 01, 2021 - October 13, 2021
Location: Virtual | Center for Coaching Certification | Online | Ruth Pearce
There Is No

Just like the Internet, not all innovative ideas are born inside the boardroom. To unlock the true potential of your organization, you need to tap into the entire ecosystem. That means partnering and co-innovating with customers, suppliers, academia, communities, nonprofits and employees.

Yet, there's a dangerous tendency to remain insular out of ego and fear, which causes organizations to miss out on the major benefits they would otherwise receive when working with the entire ecosystem.

Drawn from global experience, we will discuss the value that non-traditional ecosystem partnerships can bring to your organization: from employee development, to brand value, from community relationships, to new product introduction and revenue acceleration. We look at case studies around the world to pinpoint the value of co-innovation across different organizations and verticals, and discuss creating win-win relationships to create new measurable value for everyone.

Date: August 17, 2021 - August 17, 2021
Location: Virtual | DevNetwork | Online | Alex Goryachev
United in Strengths with the VIA Institute on Character

Join us for 345 minutes Mondays at 5:00 PM EST for an interactive experience combining character strengths and mindfulness practices to activate your best qualities, boost resilience, and find greater balance, acceptance and peace. Each experience is different and will offer a unique meditation, input on character strengths use, and opportunity for group sharing on how you are using your strengths at this time in history.

Date: January 04, 2021 - December 27, 2021
Location: Virtual | VIA Institute on Character | Online | Ruth Pearce
Taylor's International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice (ICFLP 2021)

Taylor's Law School is delighted to announce the 2nd International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice (ICFLP 2021). This second iteration of the ICFLP2021, in fully online e-Conference format, continues to explore contemporary developments in the law in Malaysia, the region, and further abroad.

The theme of ICFLP this year is ‘Law and Legal Practice in the Post-Pandemic Era: Opportunities, Solutions and Innovations’.

This second iteration of the Taylor’s International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice aims to canvass the unique nature of the challenges posed to law, legal practice, and the teaching and learning of law by a global pandemic such as COVID-19; the ingenuity of the legal and regulatory responses around the world; and the opportunities for the development of law, legal practice, and legal pedagogy in the post-pandemic era.

The International Conference aims to showcase a range of academic and practice-oriented perspectives on these issues, exploring the ways in which the practice, teaching, and learning of law - and indeed the fundamental concept of law itself - can be developed in response to the challenges created by a global pandemic such as COVID-19.

Participants are invited to present papers relating to any aspect of the broad themes set out above. Paper presentations at the International Conference will be clustered into four main streams namely Private Law, Healthcare & Medical Law, Public Law, and Legal Education. Papers which do not relate directly to any of these streams are also welcome and will be grouped in miscellaneous panels for presentation purposes.

The International Conference is intended to provide a forum for scholars, practitioners, regulators, academics, and researchers to explore and debate issues relating to the innovations and opportunities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Junior scholars and those seeking to develop ideas towards publication are particularly encouraged to present.

Date: October 26, 2021 - October 27, 2021
Location: Virtual | Taylor's Law School | Online | Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin

new show. check out speaker hub or LinkedIn for more updates.

Date: December 10, 2021
Location: amsterdam | yvonne padmos | Physical | yvonne Padmos
Aerospace TechWeek

The Connected Aircraft Evolution

Date: November 03, 2021 - November 05, 2021
Location: Toulouse, France | Aerospace Tech Week | Physical | Sandeep (Sandy) Muju
Innovasjonsdagen 2021

Arets store happening for innovasjonsledere og endringsagenter!

Date: September 01, 2021 - September 01, 2021
Location: Oslo Konserthus | Inspirator AS | Physical | Truls Berg
Lavita Gin Launch and braai

We're inviting entrepreneurs to collaborate with. Including sponsors to the launch of Lavita Gin tasting and Braai Fest

Date: August 22, 2021 - August 22, 2021
Location: Fountain valley Pretoria

Packaging Experts Tell All - Subscription Boxes

Spending on packaging is expected to reach $1.05 trillion by 2024 driven by the explosive growth of online shopping & the adoption of direct-to-consumer business models. Meanwhile, consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses use sustainable packaging. This monthly session explores the opportunities and challenges that define the future of PACKAGING FOR SUBSCRIPTION BOXES.

Date: August 17, 2021 - August 17, 2021
Location: LinkedIn Live 1 - 2pm EDT | Real Sourcing Network (RSN) | Online | Sarah Scudder
Practical Steps to Canva and Lumen5

Are you a therapist starting private practice and unsure how to market yourself online?

Have you started your blog but not sure how to make it go further?

Do you struggle with new technology but know it will help you get the clients you want?

If the questions above sound like you, then get ready for an exciting journey into Canva and Lumen5!

Content marketing is a great way to get your message out - creating your website, and blogging are both great starts (check out my page on blogging), creating eye-catching images and videos is the next step.

What you will be learning

SESSION 1 – Canva

Why use images
What can you create with Canva?
How long does it take to see content marketing work?
Canva’s fantastic features – tour
planning your design
create your own
what to do once you’re happy with your creations
difference between the free and paid versions
SESSION 2 – Lumen5

Why use video?
The wonderful features of Lumen5
What can you create?
Create your own
what to do with your content once you’re happy with it
BONUS mini-training at the end of the second session

This workshop will be hosted on the Zoom meeting platform where we will use our camera and microphones to interact with each other as a group.

To support practitioners in this time of extraordinary circumstances we are offering access to this group for a self-select fee.

Date: August 13, 2021 - August 13, 2021
Location: | Onlinevents - The voice of the practitioner | Online | Karin Brauner
Let's discussion quantum computing in-person

First in person meeting of Quantum London for 18 months

Date: August 02, 2021 - August 02, 2021
Location: London | Quantum London | Physical | Paolo Cuomo
Mining Green Gold - The Electronic Mine

This is an online workshop for aspiring enviropreneurs considering the e-waste recycling industry as an opportunity. The workshop focuses on ways and means to start and run a profitable e-waste recycling business.

Date: July 30, 2021 - July 31, 2021
Location: Zoom Webinar | Respose Waste Management and Research Pvt Ltd | Online | DB Prabhu
ProcuremenTalks: Upping The Procurement Ante

2020 brought profound changes to the world. It also brought procurement and supply chain to the table as a valued business partner. We’ve assembled a group of topnotch, veteran sourcing executives to find out how they are adding value now that they have a coveted seat at the table. Our panel of experts, moderated by an industry leader, will share their world-class innovative (and sometimes secret) strategies for maximizing procurement’s value to their companies.

Date: January 12, 2021 - December 14, 2021
Location: 2nd Tuesday of each month via Zoom | Real Sourcing Network (RSN) | Online | Sarah Scudder
Quarantine Hair Don’t Care Hump Day Sourcing Industry Happy Hour

We host a virtual sourcing industry happy hour the first and third Wednesday of each month. Come dressed in the theme of the week (varies each time) sipping your favorite drink. We'll kick off with a procurement specific question of the week (varies each time) and then we can chat about anything and everything. Join us to destress, take your mind off things, laugh and make procurement industry friends.

Date: January 06, 2021 - December 22, 2021
Location: Virtual | 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 5pm EDT | Real Sourcing Network (RSN) | Online | Sarah Scudder
Quarantine Hair Don't Care Hump Day Sourcing Happy Hour

We host a virtual sourcing industry happy hour the first and third Wednesday of each month. Come dressed in the theme of the week (varies each time) sipping your favorite drink. We'll kick off with a procurement specific question of the week (varies each time) and then we can chat about anything and everything. Join us to destress, take your mind off things, laugh and make procurement industry friends.

Date: January 04, 2021 - December 16, 2021
Location: Online Via Zoom - 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month | Real Sourcing Network (RSN) | Online | Sarah Scudder