Thinkers360 2023 B2B Thought Leadership Outlook Report

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Thinkers360, the world’s premier B2B services marketplace and B2B thought leader, analyst and influencer community has released it’s 2023 B2B Thought Leadership Outlook Research Report conducted in association with the British Computer Society (BCS). The purpose of the research was to better understand current and future trends with regard to both thought leadership creators – such as individuals, agencies and brands – and thought leadership consumers and their plans for 2023. The primary research survey was conducted in Q4 2022 among Thinkers360 Members, BCS Members, and other creators and consumers of B2B thought leadership content..


Here are a few key insights from the report:

  • #1 Sales & Marketing Priority – 39% consider thought leadership the #1 priority within their sales and marketing strategies for 2023
  • Continuing to Scale Up – 56% of thought leadership creators plan to produce more thought leadership in 2023 than in 2022
  • Specialist Communities Are Key – Social media (74%), individual web sites (58%) and specialist communities (57%) are key for disseminating thought leadership content in 2023
  • Working in a Post-Truth Era – In a post-truth era, 73% of thought leaders plan to cut through the noise by making their content highly actionable


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2023 B2B Thought Leadership Survey

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