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Fausto Turco

CEO at Si-Net

Milan, Italy

Si-Net CEO, Personal Leadership & Organizational Culture Masterclass at WOBI, Master in Digital Transformation, has 33 years of activity as System Integrator dedicated to Professional Firms and Companies, and has followed about 500 projects of every dimension and known and met thousands of professionals.

He started as a programmer and was always intrigued by the passage and transformation of technologies, up to the point of studying and implementing Digital Transformation projects for Professional Firms.
Its greatest satisfaction is the fact that it has gone from selling device, office model products to selling MSP as a service solutions.

Today he dedicates himself almost completely to the Digital Transformation in the Firms, working both with the owners and above all with the collaborators: always arguing that the transformation must start from bringing the "resource" to the center of innovation.

Available For: Advising, Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Milan, Italy
Speaking Topics: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Data Driven Strategy

Speaking Fee $1,500

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Thought Leader Profile

Portfolio Mix

Company Information

Company Type: Company
Business Unit: System Integrator
Theatre: Italy
Media Experience: 30 years
Last Media Interview: 08/04/2021

Areas of Expertise

Business Strategy
Change Management
Culture 30.06
Customer Experience
Digital Transformation 30.02
Future of Work
Leadership 30.09
Management 30.07
Open Innovation
Public Relations
Social 30.41

Industry Experience

Financial Services & Banking
High Tech & Electronics
Professional Services

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3 Article/Blogs
The story of Herb Kelleher, a manual for all CEOs, HR, Leaders, Entrepreneurs
Fausto Turco
December 02, 2021
Not many in Italy will be aware of Herb Kelleher: one of America's most famous CEOs, who passed away in January 2019. Fortune said "Kelleher was the best CEO in America". He changed the world and his model is taught in all business schools as a case study. Herb was the CEO and co-founder of Southwest Airlines, the largest low-cost airline in the world, originally born from an idea by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher and elaborated by the two during a dinner (pinned on a paper napkin!).

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Tags: Culture, Leadership, Social

Leadership school: the importance of One to One relationships according to Robertson Hunter Stewart
November 26, 2021
Taking the time to talk face-to-face with each of your collaborators, so as to understand their difficulties and set new goals, is the best choice a leader can make these days. Robertson Hunter Stewart, a coach with a long managerial experience behind him, also dedicated a book to this theme, entitled “One to One: Managing quality time with individuals for engagement and success”.

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Tags: Social, Management, Leadership

Trasformazione digitale: è una questione di persone e di LEADER(SHIP)
November 16, 2021
La parte più difficile di una trasformazione digitale è la gestione del cambiamento. La trasformazione digitale non consiste nell'ottenere la migliore tecnologia. Si tratta di portare un nuovo modo di fare le cose , attraverso la comunicazione, l'educazione, la collaborazione e portare a bordo del cambiamento "le persone".

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Social, Leadership




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