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The Latest Health and Safety Information For the Manufacturing and Production Industries

As with every other legal pathway, both the legal and moral obligations of employers, business owners, and managers who work in such an industry are both professionally and often also personally responsible for the safety of their workers.

Thinkers360 | October 02, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
The Unexpected Upsides: Embracing the Side Effects of Self-Awareness

This article challenges conventional notions about 'side effects,' typically associated with negative outcomes in medicine. Applying this term to the realm of self-awareness, the article illuminates how becoming more conscious of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors can have positive side effects.

Thinkers360 | October 02, 2023 | Tony Martignetti
Is It Easy To Improve Your Processes?

Process improvement is critical to any organization's journey toward efficiency, productivity, and excellence.

Thinkers360 | September 29, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
Friday’s Change Reflection Quote - Leadership of Change - Change Leaders Intervene to Enforce Standards

Change Leaders Intervene to Enforce Standards. When the leaders of change ignore a negative behaviour, they set a new standard.

Thinkers360 | September 29, 2023 | Peter F Gallagher
The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - September 29, 2023

Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by Corix Partners Founder and CEO JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work

Thinkers360 | September 29, 2023 | Jean-Christophe Gaillard
How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep

The quality of your sleep is one of the most important factors for your health and well-being.

Thinkers360 | September 28, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
From Feedback to Fame: The Ultimate Guide to Harnessing Customer Reviews for Small Business Success

Unlock the potential of customer reviews in the digital era. This comprehensive guide covers collecting, showcasing, and managing reviews for small business success. Harness the power of authentic insights to enhance your brand's reputation and engage customers effectively.

Thinkers360 | September 28, 2023 | Tabitha Jean Naylor
Exciting Tips to Help Your Business Thrive in the Digital Age

The digital age has made business flourish in a way that would once have been considered entirely impossible, which is both exciting and terrifying.

Thinkers360 | September 27, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
A spotlight on a Where to Play Ambassador: Interview with Andrew Constable, London Area

Our local ambassadors are highly qualified Where to Play experts that are fully supported by us to train and apply the Market Opportunity Navigator in their region. Please meet Andrew Constable, Managing Partner at Visualise Solutions and our very first ambassador, operating in the London area.

Thinkers360 | September 27, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA
4 Necessary Skills for a Career as a Medical Doctor

It takes all sorts of different people, with different attributes, personalities and skillsets, to make the world go round, so it is just as well that, while some people are talented in all things artistic, others are mathematics whizzes – in short, everyone is different.

Thinkers360 | September 26, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
3 Proven Tips to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy for the Nagging Headache Called an Inflation

In response to inflation, marketers must adapt by investing in long-term brand-building, tailoring strategies to diverse customer segments, utilizing value-driven models, and streamlining product offerings. Agility and proactivity are vital for success in this ever-changing landscape.

Thinkers360 | September 26, 2023 | Tabitha Jean Naylor
The Business Owner's SEO Checklist

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for businesses to thrive.

Thinkers360 | September 25, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
What Is Value Creation? How to Define and Achieve Value

This article delves into the concept of value creation in business and leadership, exploring its importance and complexities. It discusses how leaders must first identify the specific value they aim to create and then devise strategic plans to achieve it.

Thinkers360 | September 25, 2023 | Tony Martignetti
The Fallacy of One-Size-Fits-All: Why a Single Sales Methodology Fails in Complex B2B Sales

Is your sales methodology hurting your sales results ?

Thinkers360 | September 24, 2023 | Chris Luxford
Can AI truly emulate the Human Brain?

In a world marked by an unceasing surge in technological progress, artificial intelligence (AI) reigns supreme. Within the expansive realm of AI research, emulating the human brain looms as an intriguing frontier.

Thinkers360 | September 24, 2023 | Rejo Francis
Yes, Google CAN Detect AI-Driven Content. Here’s How.

The blog probes AI's impact on content creation and how Google's algorithms perceive it. It advocates for responsible AI use, aligning with Google's quality guidelines. AI is seen as an enhancement, not a complete replacement for human-generated content.

Thinkers360 | September 22, 2023 | Tabitha Jean Naylor
The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - September 22, 2023

Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by Corix Partners Founder and CEO JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work

Thinkers360 | September 22, 2023 | Jean-Christophe Gaillard
Friday’s Change Reflection Quote - Leadership of Change - Reflect, Improve, and Change Everything

Reflect, improve, and change everything. Go through life never judging, never criticising and when a friend asks you for help, you ask how. Live with purpose.

Thinkers360 | September 22, 2023 | Peter F Gallagher
Why The Internet is so Important for Modern Business

As technology becomes an ever more integral part of daily life worldwide, its relevance to businesses has only grown.

Thinkers360 | September 21, 2023 | Adam Torkildson
What Are The Benefits Of A Mentor For Your Startup?

Starting your own business is an exciting journey, and along the way you will encounter frustrating setbacks alongside the wins.

Thinkers360 | September 21, 2023 | Andrew Constable MBA