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Brian Solis

Digital Anthropologist, 8x Best-Selling Author, Ke...

Marsha Collier

Host Computer and Technology Radio

WS Radio

Tony Rhem

CEO/Principal Consultant

A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc.

Michael Fauscette

CEO & Chief Analyst

Arion Research LLC

Mark Lynd

Head of Executive Advisory & Corporate Strategy


William Genovese

CIO | CTO | Technology Advisory & Strategy | M&A


Dutch Schwartz

Cloud Security Strategist

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Sam Gupta

Principal Consultant

ElevatIQ Inc

Alex Sharpe


Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director


Jair Pinto Ribeiro

Analytics & Insights Leader

Volvo Group

Andreas Welsch

Chief AI Strategist

Intelligence Briefing

Saby Waraich

Keynote Speaker | Strategic Advisor