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Jonathan H. Westover, PhD

Managing Partner and Principal; Chief Academic and...

Human Capital Innovations, LLC

Barry Einsig


Barry C. Einsig Advisory Services

Dean Miles

President - Executive Leadership Coach

Bridgepoint Coaching & Strategy Group

James Kerr


Indispensable Consulting

Tom Raftery

Technology Evangelist, Podcast Host, Thought Leade...

Tom Raftery

Kelly Barner

Co-Founder, Head of Content and Operations

Art of Procurement

Nick Ayton

Founding Partner

Solarix-Ventures Ltd

William Genovese

CIO | CTO | Technology Advisory & Strategy | M&A


Aarron Spinley

Growth Anthropologist, Futurist, Speaker


Tommy Swanhaus

CEO & Founder

Tommy Swanhaus Co

Sam Gupta

Principal Consultant

ElevatIQ Inc

Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert , Executive Coach & CEO

Credibility Nation

Alex Sharpe


Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director


Tony Martignetti

Chief Inspiration Officer

Inspired Purpose Partners