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M Nazri Muhd

Adj. Prof. (AI Practice); Founder / Group CEO, MyF...

MyFinB Group| Centre for AI Innovation (CE.A.I)

Thomas Koulopoulos


Delphi Group

Karl A L Smith

CEO and Founder

Agile World

Dr. Mehmet Yildiz

Thought Leader for Architecting Digital Transforma...


Ton Dobbe

Chief Inspiration Officer

Value Inspiration

Stephanie Atkinson

CEO and Founder

Compass Intelligence, LLC

David Food

Strategy Director

Prophetic Technology

Laura Goodrich


GWT Next

James Castle

President & Director, Cyber Defense and Unmanned V...

Terranova Defense Solutions

Scott Luton

Founder & CEO

Supply Chain Now

Antonio Santos

Social Media Business Evangelist


Patrick J. McKenna


McKenna Associates Inc

Kayne McGladrey

Practice Leader of Strategy & GRC

Ascent Solutions

Jair Ribeiro

Artificial Intelligence Strategist

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Alex Sharpe


Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Enrico Molinari

Innovation Manager & Digital Transformation Leader...

CMO GovTech Innovation Manager | University Professor | Top 5 Global Fintech Influencer

Terry Earthwind Nichols


Evolutionary Healer LLC

Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director

CES, Netzpalaver

Keith Erwood

CEO, Founder & Principal Managing Consultant

Erwood Group

Victoria A. Vaughan FCIM FInstLM


The Brand Surgery