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Brian Solis

Digital Anthropologist, 8x Best-Selling Author, Ke...

Michael Fauscette

CEO & Chief Analyst

Arion Research LLC

David Food

Head of Supply Chain

Board International

Stephanie Atkinson

CEO and Founder

Compass Intelligence, LLC

Aarron Spinley

Growth Anthropologist, Futurist, Speaker


Chenthil Eswaran

Top Cloud Apps (ERP/CRM/HCM)/Prop Tech Thought Lea...

Aspire Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd

Tommy Swanhaus

CEO & Founder

Tommy Swanhaus Co

Sam Gupta

Principal Consultant

ElevatIQ Inc

Mitchell Levy

Global Credibility Expert , Executive Coach & CEO

Credibility Nation

Antonio Santos

Social Media Business Evangelist


Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director


Andrew Constable MBA

Strategic Innovation & OKR Consultant

Visualise Solutions