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Amenallah Reghimi

Vice President Of Product Management


Nick Ayton

General Partner

Solarix-Ventures Ltd

Jair Ribeiro

Artificial Intelligence Strategist

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Felix Holzapfel


Quovabiz GmbH

Alex Sharpe


Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Isaac Sacolick

President, CIO


Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Founder and Managing Director

Corix Partners

Enrico Molinari

Innovation Manager & Digital Transformation Leader...

CMO GovTech Innovation Manager | University Professor | Top 5 Global Fintech Influencer

Alyssa Miller

BISO (Business Information Security Officer)

S&P Global Ratings

Justin Goldston, PhD

Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management

Penn State University

Terry Earthwind Nichols


Evolutionary Healer LLC

Samiran Ghosh

Board Member

Intelligent Automation Advisory

Jude Jennison


Leaders by Nature Ltd

Andrey Golub

Head of AI+3D R&D, General Manager- Italy

ICOL Group, Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems

Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Managing Director

Eglobalis - Information - Insight - Innovation - Human Experience Boutique Agency

Ralf Ladner

Editor in Chief, Managing Director

CES, Netzpalaver

Lisa Jones

Chief EyeMail & Technology Officer

EyeMail Inc.

Dana Small

Founder / CEO

Ms Category Management

Roger Smith

SME's Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (...

Care MIT

Morag Barrett


SkyeTeam - Leadership Development, High Performance Teams, Executive Coaching, Speaker, Author