What is Your Moment of Truth in 2020 and Beyond?


Perhaps what December 2020 is really asking from us is to be open to let go of what has outlived its usefulness, because when we become aware of death, we simultaneously open the door to birth. And that is where we find ourselves right now, enter

It takes work, and at some point, you make a sacrifice of your old self to birth a new world and emerge aligned to your true nature, and nature itself. The process of transformation is a death and a birth. They are one. They are interconnected in flow. The Zen Japanese term shoji means birth-death. There is no separation between life and death other than a hyphen that connects the two. You cannot truly be alive without being aware of death. Death is always with us, helping us to discover what matters most and serves as a teacher of letting go.

By Ayelet Baron

Keywords: Change Management

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