Conceptual Automotive Design from The Conceptual Nebula


I totally believe that a more conceptual approach from a “creative process for product design” can generate very interesting results in automotive design.


When I was a child (me in the picture) I liked cars like all the other children. However, I have always thought that cars had a “car aesthetic” that was different from the rest of the things. Later, I trained in product design and automotive design and found that the approach in automotive design was very different.


I’ve collaborated with car companies as a freelance designer, achieved car design awards, taught automotive design, and given lectures about it, working according to my knowledge of automotive design and through the automotive design methodology.


I engaged in a joint development project with SUBARU. SUBARU opened an opportunity for an external designer for the 1st time in its 100-year history.


I totally believe that a more conceptual approach from a creative process for product design can generate very interesting results in automotive design.


Now, we also live a paradigm shift in the automotive industry, with the entry of the electric car, the autonomous car, and the personal electric vehicle, which make the collaboration of freelance product designers in the automotive industry especially interesting.


For that reason, my current obsession is the design of an electric car from a more conceptual approach, from The Conceptual Nebula (my creative process).


Some important keys:

– low cost & high emotion (really cool)

– non-aspirational & without complexes

– conceptual vehicle & non-styling design

– new social icon & a real solution for true needs


The Conceptual Nebula is an analytical-emotional process that makes it possible to create conceptual tools based on analyzing the three core elements found in every project: culture, industry and society.


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[ * In addition, I am looking for a company to develop an innovative proposal of personal electric vehicle ]


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By Miguel Herranz

Keywords: Design Thinking, Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles

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