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Justin Goldston, PhD

Professor of Project and Supply Chain Management

Penn State University

Yoram Solomon


Innovation Culture Institute LLC

Gokul Alex

Associate Director

KPMG India

Dennis Sherwood

Managing Director

The Silver Bullet Machine Manufacturing Company Limited

Rob Tiffany

Managing Director

Digital Insights

Paul Sloane


Destination Innovation

James Hotaling

Global Head of Leadership Development, Assessments...


Bill Jensen

Principal, Strategy / Life Sciences


Scott Steinberg

Futurist and Trends Expert

FutureProof Strategies - The Futurist Trends Consulting Firm

Soumyasanto Sen

Digital Innovation Leader | Advisor People & Techn...

People Conscience

Adv (Dr.) Prashant Mali [MSc, LLB, LLM, Ph.D.]

Founder & President

Cyber Law Consulting (Advocates & Atorneys)

Jeff Daniels, Ph.D.

Director | University Professor | Researcher

Lockheed Martin

Bob Fabien Zinga

Information Warfare Commanding Officer (CDR/CEO/CI...

U.S. Navy Reserve

Dr. Damodar Sahu

Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Data Safeguard Inc.

Neil Raden

Managing Partner

Hired Brains Research LLC