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Scott Steinberg

Futurist and Trends Expert at FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Firm

New York, United States


Hailed as The Master of Innovation by Fortune magazine, and World’s Leading Business Strategist, award-winning strategic consultant, trends expert and professional speaker Scott Steinberg is a top expert on leadership, change and innovation. A business consultant and thought leader for over 1,500 brands from Amazon to Zynga, he's the bestselling author of 30 books on leadership, technology, marketing, change management, and innovation, e.g. Think Like a Futurist, Digital Transformation: The Definitive Guide, Customer Experience: The Ultimate Guide and Make Change Work for You.

One of America's top futurists (per the BBC) and business strategy and leadership training providers, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business and technology" and "top trendsetter to follow." A respected business strategist and trendspotter says PBS, he's helped craft hit products found in over 500 million homes.


• Keynote Speaking – Live/Virtual Speakers
• Thought Leadership – Articles, Video Host, Content Marketing/Spokesperson
• Strategy Consulting – Management Consultant, Mock Reviews, Product Testing
• Corporate Training – Live/Online Classes
• Market Research – Consumer Insights, Expert Witness, Trend Reports

A strategic adviser to CEOs + 4-star generals and head of BIZDEV: The Intl Assoc for Business Development and management consulting/market research firm FutureProof Strategies, firms like IBM, PwC and the Dept of Defense often seek his input. He's one of today's top keynote speakers and its #1 generations expert and technology expert (per Google) as seen in 700 outlets from CNN to NBC.

Top 25 Consultants - Consulting Magazine

“Renowned futurist of 20 years” - CNBC

“Award-winning futurist+influencer” – Reader’s Digest

“One of the world’s most celebrated business speakers, futurists + strategic innovation consultants” -Public Relations Society America

"One of the best gurus on innovation + competitive advantage strategies to accelerate growth” - European Commission

“If you really want to know about business, refer to Scott Steinberg” - Richard Branson

"One of today’s most celebrated consultants + keynote speakers" - Fast Company

“Outstanding performance” – Gen CQ Brown, US Air Force

"One of the nation's top futurists" - FOX

"Leader of the future" - Management Today

"Among today’s best-known trends experts/futurists" - Verizon

"Impressive work: Person of huge influence" - Authority

"One of the sector’s most prominent experts" - GSMA

"Brand marketing expert" - Forbes

"Quality service: Able to entertain all audiences" - Influencer Times

"Leading business strategist" - Corporate Counsel/

“Among today’s leading providers of keynote speeches, workshops, and training seminars” – PARADE

“Leading trends expert, business insider, and analyst” - PARADE

Sample topics covered: Consumer Products, Technology, IT, Consumer Electronics, TVs, Computers, Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, Smartphones, Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Entertainment, Retail, Telecommunications (Telecom), Computer Networks, Internet, Apps, Online, Platforms, Mobile Devices, Retail, eCommerce, Online Shopping, Cloud, Video Games, Toys, Streaming Media, Social Media, Mobile, Digital Media, NFTs, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, B2B, Personal Finance, Crowdfunding, Gaming, Social Networks, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Wireless, Privacy, Computer Security, Cybersecurity, Sales, Customer Service

Available For: Advising, Authoring, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: New York
Speaking Topics: Innovation, Future Trends, Change Management

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Academic 0
Author 245
Influencer 51
Speaker 109
Entrepreneur 0
Total 405

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Portfolio Mix

Company Information

Company Type: Company
Media Experience: 26
Last Media Interview: 10/19/2022

Areas of Expertise

5G 31.43
Agile 30.40
AR/VR 32.84
Autonomous Vehicles 30.19
Big Data 30.95
Business Continuity
Business Strategy 30.82
Change Management 33.90
Climate Change
Cryptocurrency 30.13
Culture 30.52
Customer Experience
Customer Loyalty
Cybersecurity 30.30
Data Center 30.13
Design Thinking 30.94
Digital Disruption 33.39
Digital Transformation 30.93
Digital Twins
Diversity and Inclusion
Emerging Technology 31.49
Entrepreneurship 31.83
FinTech 30.83
Future of Work 32.98
Health and Wellness
Innovation 31.88
International Relations
IoT 30.16
Leadership 30.06
Lean Startup
Legal and IP 30.86
Management 30.67
Marketing 30.79
Mergers and Acquisitions 30.15
Metaverse 39.90
National Security
Open Innovation 31.13
Predictive Analytics
Project Management
Public Relations 33.17
Quantum Computing
Renewable Energy
Risk Management 32.55
Sales 30.19
Smart Cities
Supply Chain
Sustainability 31.70

Industry Experience

Aerospace & Defense
Agriculture & Mining
Building Materials, Clay & Glass
Consumer Products
Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Financial Services & Banking
Forest Products & Paper
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Industrial Machinery & Components
Metal Products
Oil & Gas
Professional Services
Real Estate
Travel & Transportation
Wholesale Distribution


5 Article/Blogs
Global Growth Markets for 2023/2024 and Beyond
IQ Magazine
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship

The Rise of the Chief Growth Officer in Business
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Culture, Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions

Managing Cybersecurity in Times of Digital Disruption
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Cybersecurity, IoT, Data Center

The Future of Connected Cars and 5G Networks
October 19, 2022

See publication

Tags: 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, IoT

Digital Transformation: How Businesses Can Stay Connected
Verizon Wireless
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Leadership, Metaverse

4 Books
Digital Transformation: The Definitive Guide
October 19, 2022

See publication

Tags: Digital Transformation

Make Change Work for You
October 19, 2022

See publication

Tags: Change Management

Fun at Work: Reinventing the Future of Work
October 19, 2022
THE FUTURE OF WORK IS IN YOUR HANDS Want to inspire and motivate your employees to greatness, create an award-winning corporate culture, and build tomorrow’s workplace today? From attracting and retaining top talent to unleashing your ability to adapt, grow, and stay one step ahead of industry change, FUN AT WORK reveals how tomorrow’s business leaders can consistently create a roadmap to ongoing success by leveraging the transformative power of play. A crash course in cutting-edge business leadership and management methods, it demonstrates how to design the workplace of the future − and leverage new corporate and workforce strategies to turn your organization into a powerhouse of creativity, productivity, and innovation. Inside the pages of FUN AT WORK, you won’t just discover how to craft winning HR strategies and solutions, and create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspaces. You’ll also learn how to radically boost organizational output and performance − not to mention employee motivation and engagement. Offering a fresh and inspired take on leadership, it explains how to: • Lead, Inspire, and Motivate a Next-Generation Workforce • Unlock Creativity and Innovation in Your Business • Build an Award-Winning Workplace and Working Model • Recruit and Retain Tomorrow’s Leaders • Adapt to Ongoing Change and Disruption • Reimagine the Shape of Corporate Culture • Craft Winning HR Strategies and Solutions Brought to you by Professor of Play David Thomas, and Scott Steinberg, the world’s leading business strategist, FUN AT WORK reveals the core business principles and practices that you need to implement to deliver game-changing workforce strategies – and explains how to lead these initiatives.

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Tags: Future of Work

Think Like a Futurist 2022: The Next Normal
October 18, 2022

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Tags: Digital Disruption

10 Keynotes
World's Leading Business Strategist
FutureProof Strategies: The Futurist Consulting Company
October 31, 2022

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Tags: AR/VR, Big Data, 5G

What is a Futurist?
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Change, Innovation, Leadership, Business Management
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Digital Disruption, Emerging Technology, FinTech

Futurist Speaker and Trends Expert: How to Manage Risk, Adapt to Change
FP Strategies Inc
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Risk Management, Metaverse

Keynote Speaker and Futurist Consultant: Trendspotting - An Expert Guide
FPS: The Futurist Consulting Company
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Agile, Change Management, Business Strategy

Futurist Keynote Speaker: Leadership, Change Management, Innovation
FutureProof Strategies
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Culture, Change Management, Business Strategy

Bestselling Futurist Keynote Speaker: What is a Futurist?
FutureProof Strategies
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Emerging Technology, Innovation, Management

Future Trends in Change, Innovation, and Leadership
FutureProof Strategies
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Design Thinking, Innovation, Change Management, Entrepreneurship

Change Management: How to Adapt to Change and Handle Risk Management
FutureProof Strategies
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Open Innovation, Marketing, Risk Management

Trendspotting: How to Spot and Adapt to Future Trends and Innovations
FutureProof Strategies
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Innovation, Sustainability, Change Management, Public Relations

How to Unlock Creativity and Innovation
IQ Magazine
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Digital Disruption

Cryptocurrency and NFTs: What Businesses Need to Know
American Express
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Cryptocurrency

2 Speaking Engagements
Futurist Scott Steinberg: Business Leadership, Change, and Innovation
October 31, 2022

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Tags: Management, Marketing, Public Relations

Cybersecurity, Technology, and Data Privacy: How to Regulate the Future of Technology
Secure Futures
October 19, 2022

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Tags: Cybersecurity

1 Webinar
Virtual Reality and The Metaverse: The Future of Law and Regulation
WIT Legal
October 19, 2022

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Tags: AR/VR, Innovation, Legal and IP, Metaverse



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