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M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

MIT Certified Digital Transformation & Innovation ...

Digital Transformation Leaders

Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

Robert Stevenson

President & CEO

Seeking Excellence, Inc.

Jukka Ala-Mutka

Keynote Speaker

Friska Wirya

Principal Founder

Fresh by Friska

Jason Forrest


Forrest Performance Group

Fabio De Pasquale

Group Manager, Digital Business Development & Inno...


Peggy Smedley

President/Editorial Director

Specialty Publishing Media

Manuel Caro


MDE Consulting Group S.A.S.

Bev Kaye


Beverly Kaye & Associates

Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard


Pavan Kaushik

Vice President and Head of Corporate Communication...

M3M India Group

Abhinav Singhal

VP & Head of Strategy, APJ


Clive Lloyd

Director/Principal Consultant

GYST Consulting

Aditya Mukherjee

Vice President

Synchrony Financial

Patrick Van Hull

Chief Storyteller

Supply Chain Storyteller

Anant Shrivastava

Founder / Chief Researcher

Cyfinoid Research Private Limited

Karthik Rama

Procurement Doctor

Procurement Doctors Consulting Private Limited