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M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

MIT Certified Digital Transformation & Innovation ...

Digital Transformation Leaders

Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

Peter Bäckman, AMBCI

Corporate Security Director


Robert Stevenson

President & CEO

Seeking Excellence, Inc.

Jukka Ala-Mutka

Keynote Speaker

Pavan Kaushik

Vice President and Head of Corporate Communication...

M3M India Group

Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard


Peggy Smedley


Specialty Publishing Media

Aditya Mukherjee

Vice President

Synchrony Financial

Abhinav Singhal

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, APAC


Ian Golding

Global Customer Experience Specialist

Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Karthik Rama

Procurement Doctor

Procurement Doctors Consulting Private Limited

Clive Lloyd

Director/Principal Consultant

GYST Consulting

Joseph Paris


XONITEK, Operational Excellence Society, Readiness Institute

fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza

Managing Partner

LCO Partners BV

Ajay Sachdeva

Managing Director

Corporate Governance Advisory Services

Richard Harbridge

Chief Technology Officer


Dave Rebbitt, MBA, CRSP, CD


Rarebit Consulting