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Dave Rebbitt, MBA, CRSP, CD

President at Rarebit Consulting

Alberta, Canada

A respected leader, published writer, critical thinker, and visionary with a broad skillset and diverse experience. The proven history of success, leadership and innovation in different industries on multi- billion dollar oil and mining projects brings a unique value proposition to the senior team. Development of long term strategic vision and focus assures positive alignment with internal stakeholders for quality service delivery that enhances profitability and competitive advantage.

Available For: Authoring, Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Calgary. Alberta Canada
Speaking Topics: Hypercompliance, Influencing culture - Small acts of greatness , Organizational accidents

Dave Rebbitt, MBA, CRSP, CD Points
Academic 0
Author 65
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Total 65

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Company Type: Service Provider
Business Unit: Consulting, speaking, writing
Theatre: North America

Areas of Expertise

Health and Safety 50.31
Risk Management 30.27
Culture 30.06
Business Continuity 30.21
COVID19 30.58

Industry Experience

Aerospace & Defense
Agriculture & Mining
Engineering & Construction
Federal & Public Sector
Forest Products & Paper
High Tech & Electronics
Higher Education & Research
Industrial Machinery & Components
Oil & Gas
Primary Metal & Steel
Professional Services
Travel & Transportation


5 Article/Blogs
Lessons learned so far from COVID 19
Canadain Occupational Safety Magazine
April 20, 2020
COVID 19 has many lessons to learn for health and safety practitioners and HR practitioners

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Tags: Health and Safety, Risk Management, Business Continuity, COVID19

Compliance is a risky business
Canadain Occupational Safety Magazine
October 21, 2019
Compliance and due diligence are phrases that have little meaning without the right context. Safety managment is not about compliance

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Tags: Culture, Health and Safety, Risk Management

Set up a safety committee
November 13, 2018
Set up a safety committee they said. It will be easy they said.

In looking around there are a lot of publications dealing with safety committees. There are blogs and even publications created by the regulators to help companies set up safety committees. These give you important information like what workplaces need a safety committee and what number of people should be on a safety committee. It might even give you some requirements for training and how often a committee must meet.

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Tags: Health and Safety

Passion for Profession?
March 08, 2018
I always meet people who say they have a passion for their profession. I’m one of them. I work in safety and I often told people I had a real passion for safety. I said that because I thought it was important. It probably is, but I’ve come to believe that is not as important as we might think.

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Tags: Health and Safety

What I learned in High School
September 03, 2015
The title brings to mind the lyrics of a Paul Simon song come to mind – “when I think back all the things I learned in high school….” Like anyone reading this, I don’t think I learned much in high school at all. I had a lot of information pushed my way, which I was expected to remember, and most of it was not very useful.

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Tags: Health and Safety

1 Book
Effective Safety Committees
June 06, 2018
The ultimate practical guide for those who setup, lead, or partcipate in safety cmmittees.

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Tags: Health and Safety



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