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The Future of Employees, Work, and Leadership | An Interview with John Sanei

Futurist John Sanei describes our New Normal as living on a Corona Coaster, a roller coaster of emotions pinging from despair to hope. He joined me for a Q&A recently about the future employee, future of work, and future of leadership.

Thinkers360 | August 11, 2020 | Ira Wolfe
Making sense of how YOUR character strengths can help

Jo works in education in the U.K. Her signature character strengths are Fairness, Humor, Judgment, Social Intelligence and Prudence. Her lesser strengths – on a typical day – are Gratitude, Hope, Spirituality, Appreciation and Self-Regulation.

Thinkers360 | August 10, 2020 | Ruth Pearce
Bravery is Required for Innovation to Happen

A graphic recording from a brief talk on the personal aspect of being driven to be a creative innovator.

Thinkers360 | August 05, 2020 | Dean Meyers
Celebrating the anniversary of the release of my 3rd Change Management book - one year ago today!

Celebrating the anniversary of the release of my 3rd Change Management book - one year ago today! Change Management Handbook - Leadership of Change® Volume 3 Change Management Handbook: This handbook contains over fifty concepts, models, figures, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans...

Thinkers360 | August 04, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Change Management Benefits

The blog discusses the advantages of managed change versus unmanaged or reactive change.

Thinkers360 | July 25, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Dear Procurement… I need to make a profit!

I often receive questions about procurement from all directions and perspectives. I recently received one from an entrepreneur that I thought everyone might benefit from reading my answer to.

Thinkers360 | July 23, 2020 | Kelly Barner
Does the role of the “Virtual CISO“ make any sense?

An interview with leading cybersecurity influencer and founder of Corix Partners, JC Gaillard

The Pandemic Teachings On Innovation

Although the pandemic still an on going and eventful, there are already many evidences to demonstrate successes to break the chain and manoeuvre into opening back the economy. As an advocate of innovation literacy, I want to call out the teachings from learning organization perspective.

Thinkers360 | July 22, 2020 | Khairul Anwar
Reasons Why You Should Start Corporate Innovation Program

You probably have heard about Innovation and you want to do something about it for your organization. It is like a puzzle that needs solving, but the think is which one you should start first? Here could be the reasons compiled why you want a piece of the action on Innovation:

Thinkers360 | July 16, 2020 | Khairul Anwar
Corporate Innovation is Not A Department

Corporate innovation is an important feature in large organizations. I wouldn’t suggest it to be a corporate function or division or department as it will create another layer or compartment, becoming bureaucratic and adding extra cost to the company.

Thinkers360 | July 10, 2020 | Khairul Anwar
Change Management Gamification CMExec - Virtual Video Demo

Change Management Gamification is the new trend which helps to engage your employees by using gaming methods. We use gamification so that your employees can learn, test and prepare for organisational change. This blog introduces a two minute video is demo of the virtual version of CMExec.

Thinkers360 | July 10, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
The Eight Leadership Beliefs

Leadership is both art and science. It means it is unique to that person yet it can be learned methodically from one person to another. My journey to learn about leadership is about the same, i saw what my leaders do and i follow.

Thinkers360 | July 09, 2020 | Khairul Anwar
A Different Take on the Cyber Landscape

The Cyber Security Transformation Podcast: A weekly independent podcast with a different take on what’s happening in the cyber security industry

How we can tackle the growing cybersecurity skills gaps ?

Security expertise requires more than a certificate How we can tackle the growing cybersecurity skills gaps ?

Thinkers360 | June 29, 2020 | Ramy AlDamati
These Tips Will Bolster Your Cybersecurity Efforts

These Tips Will Bolster Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Thinkers360 | June 29, 2020 | Ramy AlDamati
Accelerated DevOps Implementation: The XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern.

Fast and effective DevOps implementation is the challenge of the moment. The question people anxiously ask is, « is there a way to quickly and properly implement it? » The answer is: « Use DevOps implementation patterns." This article describes the XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern.

Thinkers360 | June 28, 2020 | Philippe Abdoulaye
Autonomous Driving: The Big Data Value Myth

It is about collecting, understanding and monetizing the right data from autonomous vehicles - not all the data.

Announcing the release of my Fourth Change Management Book (Workshop Manual)!

Leadership of Change® encompasses change management concepts, models, depictions, assessments, tools, templates, checklists, plans, a roadmap and glossary structured around the ten-step a2B Change Management Framework®. The delivery vehicles are change management books, gamification, workshops, etc.

Thinkers360 | June 24, 2020 | Peter F Gallagher
Thank you to my father - Rick Kelly, 1930 - 2000

As the years pass I remember my father more fondly. A difficult man, I have come to realize that he also instilled some of my most foundational character strengths.

Thinkers360 | June 22, 2020 | Ruth Pearce
Choosing Your Role Model

Photo by Zoe VandeWater on Unsplash Who is your role model? Choose well because they shape your behavior!

Thinkers360 | June 16, 2020 | Ruth Pearce