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Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

Jamie Crump


The Richwell Group, LLC

Christine Russo


Retail Creative and Consulting Agency

Art Stewart

Managing Partner

Strategic Impact Partners

Vladimer Botsvadze


Botsvadze Marketing Solutions

Timothy (Tim) Hughes

Co-Founder and CEO

DLA Ignite

M. Nadia Vincent, MBA

MIT Certified Digital Transformation & Innovation ...

Digital Transformation Leaders

Sheri Hinish


SupplyChainQueen & Supply Chain Revolution Podcast

Gokul Alex

Co-Founder and CTO

Semiott Systems

Steve Dennis

President & Founder/Senior Contributor

SageBerry Consulting/Forbes

Bill Jensen


The Jensen Group

Andrey Golub

Head of AI+3D R&D, General Manager- Italy

ICOL Group, Smart RoboFactories & Digital Ecosystems

Robert Stevenson

President & CEO

Seeking Excellence, Inc.

Cristian Lienas

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Greg White

Early-stage Investor, Board Director & Advisor, Pr...

Supply Chain Now

Dr. Damodar Sahu, PhD, DLitt., DTech

Sales Specialist & Head of New Age SaaS | Human Ca...

Wipro Limited

Mike Mortson


Supply Chain Game Changer

....Cyril Bladier....

Chief of Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Digital and C...

Business on Line

Eric Wilson

Director - Thought Leadership

Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning

Jason Forrest


Forrest Performance Group