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Thomas Koulopoulos


Delphi Group

Karl A Smith

Director Agile Transformation

Agile World

Kamales Lardi

Managing Partner

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH

David Food

Strategy Director

Prophetic Technology

Mark Perera

CEO & Founder


Aarron Spinley

Digital Anthropologist, Futurist, Speaker


Dean Meyers

Publisher / Consultant / Facilitator / Coach


Greg Verdino


The Adapt Manifesto

Kashyap Kompella

CEO and Chief Analyst

RPA2AI Research

Kayne McGladrey

Practice Leader of Strategy & GRC

Ascent Solutions

Jane Anderson CSP

Thought Leadership Marketing Expert

Personal Branding | Thought Leadership | Tribe Building

Jude Jennison


Leaders by Nature Ltd

Alyssa Miller

BISO (Business Information Security Officer)

S&P Global Ratings

João Bocas - The Wearables Expert ™

CEO, Keynote Speaker, Social Media Influencer & Ad...

Digital Salutem

Beth Blecherman

Digital Marketing and Professional Branding Consul...

Blecherman Consulting

Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Managing Director

Eglobalis - Information - Insight - Innovation - Human Experience Boutique Agency

Ayelet Baron

Guide. Speaker. Author. Futurist.


Tony Rhem

CEO/Principal Consultant

A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc.

Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

John Coleman

agility strategist

Orderly Disruption Limited