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Thomas Koulopoulos


Delphi Group


Transformation Executive Advisor


David Food

Head of Supply Chain

Board International

Stephanie Atkinson

CEO and Founder

Compass Intelligence, LLC

Sam Gupta

Principal Consultant

ElevatIQ Inc

Peter F Gallagher

Global Thought Leader, Maverick, Guru, Speaker, Au...

Leadership of Change

Ricardo Saltz Gulko

Managing Director

Eglobalis - Information - Insight - Innovation - Human Experience Boutique Agency

Anna Mamalaki

Organizational Effectiveness-Org Design and Develo...

Business the Human Aspect LLC

James Hotaling

Global Head of Leadership Development, Assessments...


Robert Stevenson

President & CEO

Seeking Excellence, Inc.

Gary Lynch

CEO, Founder, Management Consultant, Author

The Risk Project, LLC

Katarzyna Fonteyn

Managing Director

OJC Finland

Vinay Shimoga Baburao

Digital Program Manager

CRC Evans

Geoff Hancock

Global Cybersecurity Strategy, CISO/CTO

World Wide Technologies

Aaron Lax


Cybersecurity Insiders, Llc