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Gary Lynch

CEO, Founder, Management Consultant, Author at The Risk Project, LLC

Mendham, NJ, United States

CEO and Founder of The Risk Project, LLC, an risk analytics based advisory firm, focused on helping senior business executives leverage uncertainty for competitive advantage. Formerly, Managing Director and Global Leader of Marsh’s supply chain risk practice. Spearheaded the development of new supply chain insurance coverage as well as a profitability-driven supply chain risk analysis. Served as a Partner for Booz Allen & Hamilton; Research Director and Market Analyst for Gartner Group’s Information Security Service; Chief Information Security Officer at Chase Manhattan Bank; and Executive Director of the Office of Operational Risk, Business Continuity and Information Security at The Prudential.

Founding member of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness and Senior Research Fellow at the R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland. Authored three risk management books and named as 2017 “Thought Leader of the Year” by the Global Supply Chain Resiliency Council.

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Business Unit: Risk, Supply Chain & Technology
Theatre: North America
Media Experience: 20 years
Last Media Training: 08/18/2015
Last Media Interview: 07/06/2018

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Digital Disruption
Digital Transformation
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Leadership 32.04
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Supply Chain 54.14
Risk Management 60.43

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Aerospace & Defense
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2 Books
Uncertainty Advantage: Leadership Lessons for Turning Risk Outside-In
January 12, 2017
Turning Uncertainty Into Growth, Innovation and Value. A thought provoking book on how leaders transform uncertainty into a clear and distinct market advantage. Learn about this uncertainty transformation and how leaders create new products and revenue streams, improve margins through more efficient allocation of risk investments, and provide distinct market advantage via greater speed to market. Enabled by a market driven mindset and made possible with deep uncertainty insight, capabilities and competencies, this book begins the journey into unleashing value through investment in risk and uncertainty. "Uncertainty Advantage: Leadership Lessons for Turning Risk Outside-In" chronicles the decade long journey of leaders who have been able to transform risk into market advantage. The book provides:
Case studies on companies such as John Hyundai, Starbucks, Trumpf, Roche, and Intel
Five "Uncertainty Advantage" principles
A decade of application research and interaction with dozens of companies and growth leaders who prove that pursuing a market driven strategy to navigating uncertainty will gain measurable market advantage.

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Tags: Leadership, Management, Supply Chain

Single Point of Failure: The Ten Essential Laws of Supply Chain Risk Management
October 13, 2009
Over the past decade organizations have faced relentless customer demand for better value at less cost, individual customization, greater choice, faster delivery, higher quality, exceptional service, and more recently – increased environmental and social consciousness. The organization’s weapon of choice to address this increasing demand has been the supply chain. However, as the supply chain footprint changed (e.g. outsourcing, off-shoring and customer/vendor empowerment) so did the organization’s exposure to uncertainty. Organizations were taken by surprise since this exposure was unanticipated, complex and beyond their ability to manage. As customers become more demanding and change occurs at an even greater pace, supply chain risk continues to propagate like a parasite. Organizations and societies are at much greater risk of systemic failure because of the massive interdependency throughout global supply chains. The priority now is two-fold; play catch-up and address these massive gaps while deploying more intelligent and integrated strategies (i.e. social aware, instinctive, dynamic and predictive) for dealing with continuous change.
Single Point of Failure: The 10 Essential Laws of Supply Chain Risk Management uses analogies and dozens of case histories to describe the risk parasite that infects all supply chains while revealing methods to neutralize that parasite. The book addresses the questions: What are the "single points of failure"? How exposed are customers, investors, other stakeholders and ultimately the organization? What is the measurable impact (i.e. brand, financial, strategic, and non-compliance)? Who establishes the "risk paradigm"? How does the organization efficiently and effectively allocate precious resources - time, people, management attention, and capital? How is success measured? This book is both technically powerful and effectively realistic, based on today's complex global economy.

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Tags: Supply Chain, Procurement, Risk Management



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