What If I Killed A Woman and Nobody Cared?


I’m not planning to kill a woman, in fact, I’m not planning to kill anyone. But if I DID kill a woman, would anyone care? I am saddened to say that I don’t think so, but let me back up here. I wrote a book, Lone-Gunman: Rewriting Workplace Prevention rife with horrifying statistics of the violence against women in the workplace. You could buy it and read it but the vast majority of you won’t. The book is a carefully researched and written handbook to predict the likely victims and aggressors in workplace violence prevention; to be sure, useful information, but seemingly no information that anyone wants.
A recent study issued by the National Safety Council found that over 70% of the non-fatal workplace violence was directed against women, furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists homicide as the number one leading cause of death for women who die in the workplace. Of women killed in the workplace, 43% are killed by a family member (usually a husband) or domestic partners while only 2% of men are killed by this demographic. Is there any other statistic as lopsided as this that doesn’t provoke righteous indignation if not outright rage?
My book sales have been slow, but I shrugged that off as owing to a soft release in January. For those of you wondering, I soft release is a release with a minimum of fanfare and hoopla, but where copies of the book are sent to book reviewers, people who book speakers, and the like. Slow sales didn’t bother me, my first book, I Know My Shoes Are Untied Mind Your Own Business started slowly but a few months in I had outsold the average nonfiction book, it was a hit, and is on its way to being a best seller, so I know that there is no reason to panic over a slow start to book sales.
I am not by nature a patient man. I have three daughters, four sisters, and a wife all who are women and all that work and my late mother was a woman as well. It terrifies me that on a whim a man could beat, rape, or murder them while they work, especially knowing how easy it is to prevent these incidents and how little effort it takes to protect all workers from workplace violence. Every day that we sit idle another woman is victimized.
So I wrote articles, figuring if I couldn’t get people to read the book I could at least get them as outraged as I am at this issue. I wrote two articles for Entrepreneur magazine one on how a recent study predicted that automation would eliminate 73 million j

By Phil La Duke

Keywords: Social, Sustainability

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