AI Assisted Design Thinking [Keys of my personal vision through The Conceptual Nebula]


What if we direct artificial intelligence and Big Data to interact with Small Data and Design Thinking, creating tools to develop projects, strategies and business plans?

What if we use the intersection of several custom dynamic networks?

The Conceptual Nebula uses three networks to generate emotional connections.

I can imagine it. [ looking for an investor or company to develop it ]


AI + Design Thinking
Big Data + Small Data
Analytics + Emotional
Technology + Creativity
Society + Culture + Industry
Cloud + Social + APP + Strategy
DNA + Community + Business Plan
The Conceptual Nebula
The Conceptual Nebula is an analytical-emotional process that makes it possible to create conceptual tools based on analyzing the three core elements found in every project: culture, industry and society.
It is a very useful tool for designing products as well as business plans. Likewise, it is a tool that can be applied to creating new companies as well as implementing changes in those that are already well established.

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By Miguel Herranz

Keywords: AI, Design Thinking, Digital Disruption

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