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Yessenia Sembergman

Head of Community Recognition & Development


Thomas Koulopoulos


Delphi Group

Michael Fauscette

CEO & Chief Analyst

Arion Research LLC

Kelly Barner

Co-Founder, Head of Content and Operations

Art of Procurement

Mark Lynd

Head of Executive Advisory & Corporate Strategy


Tom Raftery

Technology Evangelist, Podcast Host, Thought Leade...

Tom Raftery

Nick Ayton

Founding Partner

Solarix-Ventures Ltd

David Food

Head of Supply Chain

Board International

Stephanie Atkinson

CEO and Founder

Compass Intelligence, LLC

William Genovese

CIO | CTO | Technology Advisory & Strategy | M&A


Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

Dutch Schwartz

Cloud Security Strategist

Amazon Web Services (AWS)