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Michael J Keegan

Leadership Fellow and Host, The Business of Govern...

IBM Center for The Business of Government

Scott Luton

Founder & CEO

Supply Chain Now

Michael Fauscette

CEO & Chief Analyst

Arion Research LLC

Barry Einsig


Barry C. Einsig Advisory Services

Kamales Lardi


Lardi & Partner Consulting

Nick Ayton

Founding Partner

Solarix-Ventures Ltd

David Food

Head of Supply Chain

Board International

Tommy Swanhaus

CEO & Founder

Tommy Swanhaus Co

Antonio Santos

Social Media Business Evangelist


Amenallah Reghimi

Chief Product & Technology Officer


João Bocas - The Wearables Expert ™

#1 Digital Health Influencer & CEO

Digital Salutem

Jair Pinto Ribeiro

Analytics & Insights Leader

Volvo Group

Tony Moroney


The Digital Explorer

John Thompson

Owner, Principal Consultant

Marketing Sciences

Kevin O'Donovan

Technology Evangelist

A Bit of This and That

Gaurav Agarwaal

Senior Vice President | Cybersecurity and Digital ...