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Michael J Keegan

Leadership Fellow and Host, The Business of Govern...

IBM Center for The Business of Government

Prof M Nazri Muhd

Prof. (AI Practice); Founder / Group CEO, MyFinB G...

MyFinB Group| Centre for AI Innovation (CE.A.I)

Brian Solis

Digital Anthropologist, 8x Best-Selling Author, Ke...

Thomas Koulopoulos


Delphi Group

Tony Rhem

CEO/Principal Consultant

A.J. Rhem & Associates, Inc.

John McCabe


Sustainable Six Sigma

Mark Lynd

Head of Executive Advisory & Corporate Strategy


Nick Ayton

Founding Partner

Solarix-Ventures Ltd

Stephanie Atkinson

CEO and Founder

Compass Intelligence, LLC

Amii Barnard-Bahn

Partner, Kaplan & Walker LLP, C-Suite Coach and Co...

Barnard-Bahn Coaching & Consulting

William Genovese

CIO | CTO | Technology Advisory & Strategy | M&A


Gert Botha

Business Leader | Entrepreneur | Digital Transform...

Hiving Technology

Antonio Santos

Social Media Business Evangelist