Gamifying the Ecosystem of Learning


I remember my childhood days when my older brother (eight years apart) brought out his old computer console from the old-style cabinet my mum bought to lock these gadgets during weekdays.

You don't have any idea how excited I am right now writing this because those moments were probably one of the best I could cherish for a keepsake- it was fun yet memorable.

One early morning, my brother sneaked out of his room to get the console out of the wooden cabinet as if he had formulated his strategy like MacGyver, showcasing his talent in improvisation when faced with adversity. Little did he know that our loving mum was a consistent morning person who passionately sang to the tune of those mellow karaoke songs while cooking our breakfast.

So, when you think my brother outsmarted our mum in those instances, I would say it's a "tie", and there were no easy winners or losers. My mum used to scream like there was no tomorrow when seeing us turning the TV on early in the morning while playing Super Mario Bro. and completing each stage so we could both save the beautiful princess in the villain's castle. But, wait for it, don't mock us if I tell you that we often compare our mum with Koopa Troopa, the villain in the game console cos that is an understatement (Sorry, mum! I still love you)! 

On the other hand, when our mum told us to study our lessons, our brain immediately embodied the theory of least resistance. As a result, it would take a long before we finish our assignments and homework at night. 

How does gamification come to play with our daily living and learning? Simple. Incorporate the concept of old console games before, make it simple for those more mature but exciting as well for youngsters. When you start incorporating these motivational and challenging rewards in your learning ecosystems, you will achieve better results in how timely learners take the courses and exert more effort to achieve the score they would like.

They can also exchange the points they earn from moving to the next level of learning with physical or digital products, which will trigger a long-lasting effect on how these learners grow in different fields.

I can't wait to embark on this plan soon, and if you ever get to read this article, I have more strategies to share. It's digital transformation, ladies and gentlemen. The future is ours to conquer with the right learning mindset, skills, and habits!



By Randyl Tabajonda

Keywords: Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Ecosystems

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