Cloud Migration : Why Opposing Thinkers and Doers is a Major Failure Factor


Many #cloud migrations fail because they're led by doers, not thinkers; conductors are needed.
I wrote this post to share the unspoken reasons why today's cloud migration projects fail to deliver the expected business benefits.

Contrary to the widespread opinion, I won't blame solutions architects and cloud engineers but the erroneous practice that's been stressing technology implementation at the expense of broader perspectives.
Let's be serious, do you think that, what boards of directors expect from the money invested in #cloudcomputing initiatives, is the hurrah of a successful app migration team? The answer is, "No!" What's expected is, transformed business ready to tackle #digital challenges, what's expected is substantial ROIs measured in dollars.

Let's be clear about it, technology alone doesn't make profitable business; people skilled to cloud operational models, agile operational models supporting key IT processes, practices, and tools, well-architected landing zone and application aligned to cloud-native standards are the success ingredients.

Adapting the business for the digital competition is the goal of any cloud migration initiative.

Migrating IT to the cloud is like building the Brooklyn Bridge, the analogy isn't exaggerated; there are goals, stakes, tons of challenges, multiple methodologies, tools and competencies to orchestrate.

That's why opposing, "thinkers vs doers" is a total nonsense. Suggesting that doers (solutions architect and cloud engineers) is all that's needed is like suggesting that, workers alone, without plans, with their sole bolts, screws, and screwdrivers built the Brooklyn Bridge.

Building the Brooklyn Bridge, a master piece of 139 years old, took Visionaries :
- Owning the big picture (vision)
- Developing building plan and scenarios (roadmap)
- Organizing building effort (timelines, team, tasks, and RACI)
- Directing rigorously (project management) building activities
- Informing the population (pilot project, operational model deployment, training)

As you can see, opposing, "thinkers vs doers" does not make sense.

Thinkers are essential, they're the conductors that put together the conditions for success and smartly juggle with them across the cloud adoption journey to make the cloud migration project a successful business initiatives.

I'm an experienced cloud transformation director, cloud migration director, enterprise architecture director, call it whatever you want, but transforming IT with the cloud is what I'm good at, what I love doing, it's what I've been doing at Amaris Consulting
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By Philippe Abdoulaye

Keywords: Cloud, Digital Transformation, DevOps

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