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Michael J Keegan

Leadership Fellow and Host, The Business of Govern...

IBM Center for The Business of Government

Estefania Vergara Sembergman

Associate, Community Recognition & Development


Marsha Collier

Host Computer and Technology Radio

WS Radio

Roy Atkinson


Clifton Butterfield, LLC

Samantak Panda

Founder & CEO

TuTeck Technologies Private Limited

Pradeep Mishra

Strategic Technology Consultant

Aurion Systems Pty Ltd

Robert James HORNE

Partner and Owner

Kairos Policy Group

Neil Raden

Managing Partner

Hired Brains Research LLC

Michael Fulton

Senior VP, Consulting & Advisory Solutions


Elitsa Krumova

Global Thought Leader and Tech Influencer

Dr. Joe Perez

Chief Technology Officer

SolonTek Corporation

Michael Jennett

Director, CloudBlue Global Platform Strategy

Ingram Micro Cloud