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Damodar Sahu

Head of Partnerships and GTM | New Age & SaaS Appl...

Wipro Limited

Len Pannett

Managing Partner

Visagio Ltd

Pavan Kaushik

Corporate Communication and PR

Dharampal Satyapal Group

John Spence

Managing Partner

John Spence, LLC

Graham Wilson

Leadership Wizard


Fabio De Pasquale

Digital Business Development & Innovation


Gijs van Wulfen

Global Speaker on Innovation

Van Wulfen Innovation

Jason Averbook



Aditya Mukherjee

Vice President

Synchrony Financial

Chan Naseeb

AI Thought Leader - Data Science & AI Technical Le...


Professor Lisa Short

Founder | Director

P&L Digital Edge [UK]| Hephaestus Collective | ATaaS Accountability | Mind Shifting | Africa Agri Tech UK

Ed Krow

HR Strategist, Speaker, Author

Ed Krow, LLC

Abhinav Singhal

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer, APAC


Ian Golding

Global Customer Experience Specialist

Customer Experience Consultancy Ltd

Alison Heller Ono

President and CEO

Worksite International, Inc.

Tania Seary

Founding Chairman


Karthik Rama

Procurement Doctor

Procurement Doctors Consulting Private Limited

Lee Ussher

Head of Digital & Social Media Management | Co-Fou...

Buzz Web Media