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Quentin Herbrecht

CEO & Founder at Markchain

Rennes, France

Quentin Herbrecht hold a double master's degree in international trade & a MBA in international negotiation; As well as a certification from INSEAD « Blockchain opportunity analysis » & a certification from Yale University « Financial Market ».

He’s currently Blockchain professor in several business schools in France and international speaker about blockchain and marketing topics.

Quentin has also advised more than 25 cryptocurrency projects in terms of marketing & fundraising to date.
CEO at Markchain ( ), a digital marketing company for blockchain - fintech projects, he helps high-potential companies define a personalized marketing strategy based on their objectives.

Furthermore, he is representative for Faster Capital and several VCs.

Finally he was interviewed about his success in a bear market and qualified as "Best Crypto Advisor in France" by Forbes, and was featured in several other media such as,, Cointelegraph, Entrepreneur and The Corporate Investment Times.

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Available For: Consulting, Influencing, Speaking
Travels From: Rennes, France
Speaking Topics: Blockchain; Cryptocurrency; Marketing

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Last Media Training: 10/10/2018
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1 Advisory Board Membership
Interview: Achieving Success in Blockchain Consulting During A Bear Market
Forbes / Gerald Fenech
January 24, 2019
Recently graduated from a double master and an MBA in international business & negotiation, Quentin started his ICO consulting career during those studies and today advises about 15 start-ups on a daily basis. He is also mentoring for technologic start-ups at FasterCapital, VC partner and above all, he has been a crypto-enthusiast for years.

He has been named as one of the top ICO advisors in France and is among the top 40 People of Blockchain. Quoted as “Top Knight” in the Crypto Investment Times and awarded with several prizes for its strategic innovation, at only 23 years old, his professional career is already remarkable.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketing

4 Article/Blogs
Nouvelle méthode de financement par Minglechain et Ontology : l’ILO ( Initial Lockup Offering )
Import from
August 28, 2019
Nouvelle méthode de financement par Minglechain et Ontology : l’ILO ( Initial Lockup Offering )Minglechain sera le premier projet à lancer une ILO (Initial Lockup Offering), qui sera organisé par Ontology. ( n°25 sur CoinMarketCap )Cette offre remplacera le plan initial de Minglechain qui pr

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Tags: Finance

Crypto Intelligence Agency -CIA -Teasing
Import from
June 04, 2019
Crypto Intelligence Agency-CIA TeasingGood morning, everyone,I am delighted to present you in exclusivity our next project, The Crypto Intelligence Agency, yes, you read it right, the CIA.We have been developing a platform with several crypto professionals in different fields for the past year, whi

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Tags: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain

The emergence of Bitcoin in a loss of confidence economic context.
Quentin Herbrecht
October 06, 2018
It all began with the 2008 subprime crisis in the United States.
These real estate loans appeared in the 2000s in the United States and were intended for people who were not eligible for a traditional real estate loan.
But financial institutions and various investors find a particular interest in these high-yield financial securities, this is the beginning of the accumulation of mortgage loans, called securitization.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

Analyse et résultats de l’enquête Encrybit : Évaluation des échanges de crypto-monnaie 2018– 10 003…
Import from
September 16, 2018
Analyse et résultats de l’enquête Encrybit : Évaluation des échanges de crypto-monnaie 2018– 10 003 participants !Encrybit — le prochain échange de devises cryptographiques a récemment mené sa deuxième enquête en ligne sur “l’évaluation des plate-formes d’échange des cry

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6 Founders
Markchain : l’agence de communication et marketing spécialisée dans la blockchain et les crypto-monnaies
January 15, 2021
Markchain est la première agence française de communication et marketing, qui oriente son activité vers les entreprises utilisant la technologie de la blockchain et des crypto-monnaies. Entretien avec Quentin Herbrecht, expert du secteur et fondateur de cette agence nouvelle génération.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketing

Ces Personnalités Françaises Qui Font Bouger La Blockchain
June 09, 2020
Diplômé d’un double master et d’un MBA en commerce International à Sup de Co La Rochelle, Quentin est le fondateur de Markchain, une entreprise de marketing et communication spécialisée dans les entreprises blockchain et crypto. Il accompagne des startups, ICOs ou encore des exchanges en passant par les prestataires de service dans leur démarche promotionnelle et les aide notamment à se faire connaître du grand public.

L’entrepreneur a commencé son activité au sein du secteur lors de la course aux ICOs en 2017 en tant qu’advisor lorsqu’il était encore étudiant. Peu de temps après il est interviewé par Forbes à propos de son succès et nominé comme meilleur ICO Advisor français.

Il est aujourd’hui à 24 ans expert blockchain indépendant et évaluateur de projet à la Commission européenne, où il évalue les projets susceptibles d’être financés dans le cadre du programme Horizon 2020 en les accompagnant dans leur développement. Il soutient également ces derniers dans la création des politiques et programmes liés à la blockchain.

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Tags: Blockchain, Marketing, Finance

Security Token Offering : All you need to know
Quentin Herbrecht
February 27, 2020
Anyone who has been involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency would have heard of Security Token Offering (STO). Just like an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) an STO is a model for fundraising blockchain startups. STO is a close modification of an ICO, an attempt to solve the inherent challenges associated with an ICO.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Entrepreneurship

Initial Exchange Offering : All you need to know
Quentin Herbrecht
January 29, 2020
IEO could very well be considered as the rebirth of ICO. Since 2014 to date, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have continually strived to survive as a crowdfunding strategy. However, the flaws associated with the model have given rise to Initial Exchange Offering. The premise is still the same – a token issuer conducts an IEO to raise capital for project development, nevertheless, there are a few differences.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Emerging Technology

Initial Coin Offering : All you need to know
Quentin Herbrecht
December 13, 2019
Since the inception of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the world of finance has seen some distinct changes. One of the major innovations in this regard is the introduction of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) whose primary objective was fundraising blockchain projects. To bring ideas to fruition, blockchain projects need diverse funding mechanisms, one of which is the Initial Coin Offering.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Startups

The ICO market is maturing, ICO Marketing must follow
Corporate Investment Times
November 15, 2019
The ICO market was for a time disorganized and could be described as “wild”. It was possible to raise funds very quickly using the buzz word Blockchain or ICO.
Today we will try to look at the new marketing methods used to promote an ICO and make it a success. With our marketing company for blockchain project, we have supported
several ICOs that have managed to reach their soft cap or hardcap in 2019. It is in this context that we will try to give our point of view on the best marketing strategies to adopt in our opinion, for a
successful ICO.

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Tags: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Marketing

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Advising about marketing & fundraising strategies for blockchain projects.

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