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Philippe Abdoulaye

Cloud Advisory | DevOps Architecture | Digital Transformation at ITaaSNow, LLC

Raleigh, United States

Philippe Abdoulaye is a renowned digital transformation and information technology executive with strong track-record of transforming large technology organizations, building innovative digital solutions, and driving business impact. Strong background in leading transformations, mergers and acquisitions, channel digitization, and technology innovation.

An author of 7 books and more than 100 articles, founder of the e-learning platform The Digital IT Academy, a Rackspace Partner and member of Amazon Partner Network (APN), he helps IT organizations to transform their service management practices in domains such as Cloud Computing, IT as a Service (ITaaS), DevOps, AIOps, and IT Operating Models.

He's been:
1. Named among and rewarded as one of the top 20 cloud computing book sellers of all time by The Book Authority
2. Featured on Forbes, ZDNet, Inc, and foreign magazines like German ComputerWoche
3. Translated in French, Spanish, German, Chinese and cited in numerous digital transformation works

Forbes magazine has referred to him as a top prolific writer and speaker, He's the author of 7 books on Cloud Computing, IT as a Service (ITaaS), DevOps, and Platform Business Models. He gives keynote speeches and executive workshops around the globe on how to properly leverage cloud computing and DevOps technologies to generate business revenue.

Philippe currently authoring a book and online training on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for digital business challenges to be published by Wiley in 2020.

Available For: Consulting, Speaking
Travels From: Raleigh, NC
Speaking Topics: AWS Cloud & DevOps

Speaking Fee $3,500

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10 Article/Blogs
How to Thrive in the Covid-19 Recession by Going Digital Using SCENARIO
November 14, 2020
With one million deaths, thirty-eight million infected, hundreds of millions lost jobs and small and mid-size businesses (SMEs), the pandemic has created one of the worst crises of confidence since the Great Depression.
Hit by an unprecedented gloomy mood, entrepreneurs are looking for recipes to survive the recession and grow.

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Tags: Business Strategy, Business Continuity, COVID19, Ecosystems

Survivre à la Récession liée au COVID-19 en mettant son Activité au Diapason du Numérique
October 23, 2020
Et si l'adoption du numérique était l'antidote pour éviter les faillites du contexte économique liée au Covid-19?

Avec près d'un million de morts, trente-huit millions de personnes infectées, des centaines de millions d'emplois et des petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) perdus, la pandémie a créé l'une des pires crises de confiance depuis la Grande Dépression.

Frappés par une humeur morose sans précédent, les entrepreneurs du monde entier recherchent désespérément des recettes pour survivre à la récession et continuer à prospérer.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Innovation, COVID19

Learning AWS The Easiest & Quickest Way: The Framework
September 12, 2020
A sensitive issue with most AWS engagements, that's my observation, is knowledge transfer between consulting teams and clients' staff; it takes clients sometimes up to three months to be comfortable operating their AWS platform.

AWS with its one hundred seventy five (175) services is certainly nice to implement but, fact of the matter is it's difficult to learn.

"One hundred seventy five (175) services, that's a lot!", "How do they work?" and "How can I learn them in a way that makes me qualified in a record time?" is what I hear all the time.

The reason for the long learning curve is, technology instructors don’t take into account learners' concerns, expectations, mindset and psychology.

Leading experts, researchers, teachers and speakers, confirm it, "effective learning goes hand in hand with effective learning strategies, methodologies and techniques."

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Tags: Cloud, Data Center

AWS DevOps Implementation: The XP and CodePipeline Integration Pattern
July 01, 2020
Fast, effective and efficient implementation of DevOps is the challenge of most businesses, CIOs and consultants. The question they anxiously keep asking me is, « is there a way to quickly and properly implement it? » My answer surprises them: « Use DevOps implementation patterns, they make the transformation process easy, fast, and effective. »

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Tags: Cloud, Innovation, DevOps

DevOps Implementation: The XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern
June 28, 2020
Fast, effective and efficient implementation of DevOps is the challenge of most businesses, CIOs and consultants. The question they anxiously keep asking me is, « is there a way to quickly and properly implement it? » My answer surprises them: « Use DevOps implementation patterns, they make the transformation process easy, fast, and effective.

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Tags: Innovation, Agile, COVID19

Transforming IT for the COVID-19 Disrupted Business Context
May 09, 2020
The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is desperately disrupting industries, CIOs are starting to anticipate not only the impacts on IT but also the changes to carry out. How to reorganize IT staff? How to optimize a cloud architecture to make IT relevant? What tools to invest in? What infrastructure to invest in?

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Tags: Business Continuity, COVID19

Cloud Made Simple for Undecided Career Change Planners - Part 1
March 07, 2020
Despite its fundamental role in today’s business, many IT job seekers are reluctant to embrace a career in cloud computing. Sophisticated technical concepts and jargon make it confusing and complicated.

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Tags: Cloud

IT Career Change: How to Make Your Digital Move Swift and Successful
January 22, 2020
The digital business expansion in the global economy introduces changes that certain IT professionals aren’t prepared for; what I see is frustrated tech workers, paralyzed by the fear that they have to make that digital technology career change.

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Tags: AI, Cloud, Digital Disruption

How CIOs Can Reinvent The IT Organization with Cloud Computing
January 18, 2020
In recent years business lines have been increasingly going the shadow IT route to achieve their critical objectives, showing there’s a real disconnect with IT as to how to leverage cloud computing.

The problem lies with cloud vendors who ignore the issue of the business vision. They see low IT costs and accelerated application delivery as business growth drivers while businesses are more concerned with market responsiveness achieved through agile and collaborative environments that bring together the business and IT.
The business is right: organizational silos, hierarchical barriers, unclear business priorities and people issues like power struggles, resistance to change, defiance of policies and politics are all impediments that only make it more difficult to achieve flexibility, fast problem solving and decision making.

The solution is to implement IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) in the form of integrated platforms of people, processes, practices, governance structure and tools specifically built to bring the business and IT together.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services: Practices That'll Make Your AWS Migration Successful
November 18, 2019
Cloud adoption is accelerating as the increased number of AWS migration initiatives shows. The question is, how many CIOs can pretend, they got what's known as the five benefits of high performing AWS cloud platforms? These benefits include operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, security, and cost optimization.

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Tags: Cloud

2 Books
The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model
May 08, 2016
The complete ITaaS Delivery Model is the complete guide to implementing IT as a Service (ITaaS) as the foundation of the digital enterprise's IT organization.

Thought Leader Philippe Abdoulaye drives the reader step by step across a complete digital transformation journey focused on DevOps and ITaaS.

The book provides precious and actionable insights into issues as critical as digital transformation strategy development, cloud service catalog and cloud service requirement developments, IT infrastructure and application migration to AWS cloud, IT operating model transformation to lean and agile structure, and Deployment and adoption of organizational changes.

The book's digital transformation approach has been widely featured in several major online IT medias including Dell Power More in the article "ITaaS: The Future of the CIO" and Germany's ComputerWocher in "IT as a Service: Was CIOs dafür tun müssen."

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, DevOps

Cloud Computing: Advanced Business and IT Strategies
March 27, 2014
Cited as "One of the best Cloud Computing ebooks of all time" by BookAuthority and Amazon reviewers. Cloud Computing is the IT services delivery model of the near future. The problem is, there there are very few experts that have hands-on understanding of its competitive and organizational impacts.

The vast majority of books address the technical details of cloud, but few emphasize its implementation and deployment at the scale of the enterprise.
This book provides the models, concepts, and methodologies you need to be successful in your organization's transition to cloud.
Through his 23-year IT Transformation background, Philippe Abdoulaye brings a project-oriented approach to cloud transition, with several techniques needed to accelerate adoption of cloud services.

The book begins with a definition of the competitive perspective of cloud, provides insights into the cloud-oriented business model, and details through a complete business an agile approach to cloud transition addressing issues as critical IT operating model transformation, SaaS application architecture, and datacenter transformation.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Disruption, Digital Transformation

2 Influencer Awards
Most Outstanding in Digital Transformation Advisory 2019
US Business News
December 23, 2019
Rewarded by US Business News magazine, Most Outstanding in Digital Transformation Advisory 2019

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Agile

Best-Selling Cloud Computing eBooks of All Time
Book Authority
January 04, 2018
Ranked by The Book Authority in the TOP 50 Cloud Computing eBooks.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

3 Keynotes
The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model
BAIP YouTube Channel
May 08, 2019
Invited to give a keynote speech in Vilnius, Lithuania about my model The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model and provide insight into why and how it makes cloud migration easy, faster, and more importantly, a catalyst of business revenue.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

Econocom DevOps Forum
July 04, 2018
In March 15, I gave four keynote speeches on DevOps in Toulouse, France. As the main speaker of Econocom Club MEP 2018, an annual think tank summit organized by the European business-to-business digital services provider, I shared the day with 15 firms in industries as prestigious as financial services, energy, aerospace, aviation, and telecommunications and heard all about their implementation projects.

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Tags: Digital Transformation, Agile, DevOps

Reinventing the Business with IT Innovations for the Digital Age
Hamburg Aviation Conference
February 02, 2018
Invited at the Hamburg Aviation Conference (HAC) in Germany to share my though about Reinventing the Business with IT Innovations for the Digital Age.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

3 Media Interviews
ITaaS: The Future of the CIO
Future of Work
January 13, 2020
Cited by the Future of Work (FOW) through my model The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model a major contributor of the CIO work.

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Agile

Yes, DevOps is all about business growth, especially the digital variety
March 03, 2019
My thoughts about DevOps reported on ZDNet following a conversation with thought leader Joe McKendrick.
DevOps is now seen in one in four enterprises. It extends well beyond the bounds of the data center, as it opens up the path to disruption.

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Tags: Cloud, Agile, DevOps

IT as a Service: Was CIOs dafür tun müssen
Germany's ComputerWoche
October 19, 2015
Conversation with Germany's ComputerWocher about The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model I developed and promoted to make easy cloud migration and management

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Tags: Cloud, Digital Transformation, Digital Disruption


2 Article/Blogs
Accelerated DevOps Implementation: The XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern.
June 28, 2020
The solution I offer to speed up DevOps implementation is, a design pattern: The XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern. Avoiding the usual word salad surrounding DevOps, it builds on the belief that, « Implementing DevOps, is about setting up a work environment for software delivery structured around agile practices and CICD pipelines. » The intent is to guide, reduce the complexity and facilitate the implementation. The picture illustrates the XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration Pattern. Two building blocks make it up: • The XP-based work organization (in blue) • The CodePipeline-based CICD pipelines (in orange) The XP-based work organization addresses the Software Delivery Operational Model; it combines XP principles, values, rules, roles, practices, and activities needed to responsively deliver high numbers of high-quality software releases. The XP-based work organization facet provides implementation material including: • Software delivery charter which structures the software delivery activity and the XP principles, rules, and values. • RACI Matrix which clarifies assignments including customer, coach, developers, tracker, tester, and the doomsayer. • Software delivery lifecycle which clarifies delivery phases and the roles involved, activities to carry out, and related CodePipeline tools. • A comprehensive XP deployment training kit. The actionable nature of the above material cuts in half the usual agile deployment time, effort, and cost. The CodePipeline-based CICD pipeline aspect provides a variety of material that facilitate the implementation of the related AWS infrastructure, they include: • A documented process for creating pipelines using the AWS CodePipeline console. • A set of CloudFormation templates for creating CICD pipelines. • A training kit for deploying and managing pipelines based on CodePipeline. The following features cut by 60% the usual pipeline implementation time, effort, and cost: • CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery. • Coordination of release phases, resource provisioning, configuration, and deployment are fully managed and automated. • XP Iteration, Productionizing, and Maintenance phases are automated by CodePipeline. • CodePipeline integrates with third-party services like GitHub, JUnit, Maven and Selenium to implement XP iterations phase. Using Cloud Design Patterns like the XP and AWS CodePipeline Integration will help you get rid of the hassles of agile practices and CICD deployments.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, COVID19

How to Transform IT for the COVID-19 Business Context
May 12, 2020
Succeeding in the COVID-19 era takes more than deploying cloud computing; making sure your staff, processes, practices and tools meet the requirements of the context is necessary. However, to quickly and properly transform your IT, a transformation framework is needed; it provides the big picture that helps to pinpoint the performance drivers to improve. The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model is an example of framework, it highlights five essential principles: - The goal is to responsively deliver applications as well as digital products and services in line with market opportunities and guarantee superior customer experience. - Organize the application management effort around a delivery pipeline that focuses on business priorities, speedy delivery, and superior customer experience. - Stress work from home and proper tools to ensure social distancing and remove fear so as to keep high the IT staff productivity. - Take advantage of cloud computing to cut costs, avoid resources shortage, speed up IT operations, and make IT agile and responsive. - Use infrastructure as code to automate IT operations, speed up applications deployment, and make IT agile. Here are three recommendations that'll take your IT to the next level: - Connecting the business and IT to make sure priorities are delivered and revenue streams secured: deploy and train your business and IT staff to Scrum Agile Product Roadmap, Release Plan, and Product Backlog as the means to plan business needs. - Speeding up apps delivery flow and responsively tackling market opportunities: implement a delivery pipeline thought to put together relevant business and IT staff and provide proven apps delivery processes, practices, and tools. - Applying proven cloud architecture design patterns and automate apps deployment: in addition to investing in analytics, machine learning, and IoT, approach your cloud implementation as a virtual datacenter based on proven architecture design patterns and infrastructure as code templates and tools. Keep in mind that expecting value from the sole IT tools won't help to stay in business; rather, embrace a vision that considers the human, process, tool and infrastructure factors as a whole.

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Tags: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation


1 Technical
AWS Migration Strategy for Post Covid-19 / Covid-19 Era

Location: New York, Charlotte, Remote    Date Available: May 06th, 2020    Fees: $180 / hour

Submission Date: May 06th, 2020    Service Type: Service Offered

Advise IT leaders on how to transform their IT with AWS cloud for the Covid-19 / Post Covid-19 era. Deliverable include:
- AWS migration journey including roadmap, project plan, and project timeline
- Delivery pipeline architecture including RACI matrix, agile PM tools, Elastic Beanstalk & CodeDeploy
- Cloud infrastructure architecture including design patterns for VPC, EC2, RDS configurations

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