How to Transform IT for the COVID-19 Business Context


Succeeding in the COVID-19 era takes more than deploying cloud computing; making sure your staff, processes, practices and tools meet the requirements of the context is necessary. However, to quickly and properly transform your IT, a transformation framework is needed; it provides the big picture that helps to pinpoint the performance drivers to improve.

The Complete ITaaS Delivery Model is an example of framework, it highlights five essential principles:
- The goal is to responsively deliver applications as well as digital products and services in line with market opportunities and guarantee superior customer experience.
- Organize the application management effort around a delivery pipeline that focuses on business priorities, speedy delivery, and superior customer experience.
- Stress work from home and proper tools to ensure social distancing and remove fear so as to keep high the IT staff productivity.
- Take advantage of cloud computing to cut costs, avoid resources shortage, speed up IT operations, and make IT agile and responsive.
- Use infrastructure as code to automate IT operations, speed up applications deployment, and make IT agile.

Here are three recommendations that'll take your IT to the next level:
- Connecting the business and IT to make sure priorities are delivered and revenue streams secured: deploy and train your business and IT staff to Scrum Agile Product Roadmap, Release Plan, and Product Backlog as the means to plan business needs.
- Speeding up apps delivery flow and responsively tackling market opportunities: implement a delivery pipeline thought to put together relevant business and IT staff and provide proven apps delivery processes, practices, and tools.
- Applying proven cloud architecture design patterns and automate apps deployment: in addition to investing in analytics, machine learning, and IoT, approach your cloud implementation as a virtual datacenter based on proven architecture design patterns and infrastructure as code templates and tools.

Keep in mind that expecting value from the sole IT tools won't help to stay in business; rather, embrace a vision that considers the human, process, tool and infrastructure factors as a whole.

By Philippe Abdoulaye

Keywords: Agile, Cloud, Digital Transformation

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