AXSChat Podcast with David Bara founder WeCanAcces


Hosted by Antonio Santos, Debra Ruh and Neil Milliken.

David Bara has a degree in BA Business Technology and a Master’s in Education. He is a former special needs teacher and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Special Education. David has spoken at international conferences, published articles and written recommendations for the Secretary of State for Communities for the UK Government on issues surrounding childhood and adolescent health care issues. His work has been aimed at improving the life chances for the children with cancer and special needs, their siblings and families.

David has personal experience of the issues and the challenges facing individuals and their families who have visible and hidden disabilities, chronic illnesses or other access needs.

In 2012, his daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of 2 ½. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy saved her life, but she has been left with life-changing disabilities, and the late effects of the treatments will continue as she grows up. His son has been diagnosed with dyslexia and is also dealing with the emotional impact of what has happened.

In response to his professional and personal experiences, David, together with his wife, Emma, founded WeCanAccess Ltd and developed WeCanAccess is a new online platform which has two core aims:
1) To create a social shift in attitudes by demonstrating that accessibility and inclusivity are vital for a more economically and socially sustainable future.

2) to improve the life chances, health and wellbeing of people with access needs and their families. The platform is already recognised as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 champion and was presented at the UN Sustainable Cities event in Espoo in June 2019, where David sat on the Health and Wellbeing Panel.

By Antonio Santos

Keywords: Diversity and Inclusion, Future of Work, Sustainability

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