Why Companies Need to Value a Great Candidate Experience


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If you’re trying to find out if the experience of applying to your company was positive — and therefore if you’ve got a future advocate on your hands or not — it’s a bit of a cop-out to only ask the people who got hired. But that’s not what the Candidate Experience reports do. In the case of the most recent report, the Talent Board reached out to more than 195,000 candidates to find out how they felt about their candidate experience. And for most, the impression wasn’t colored by a rosy “you’re hired” moment. In fact, 90% of them were not hired. That’s not exactly a biased sample.

The bottom line is that a candidate experience is an incredible success factor for organizations. A great candidate experience can improve your brand reputation, create phenomenal goodwill — even when a person isn’t ultimately hired for the job. It creates a source of referrals, saves companies time and money, and in this era when pretty much everyone is a consumer of experiences even more than products or services, it is a key differentiator that may win you talent.

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By Antonio Santos

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