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Unlock your extraordinary potential with Poised for the Future Company's pioneering services! Discover your team's adaptability intelligence with AQai assessment, cultivate growth mindset and resilience through AQPlus microlearning, and foster productive connections with the 4 Principles of Connection model for "The Connected Organization." Help your employees and teams articulate their purpose and find meaning in their work with WHY.os, inspired by Simon Sinek. Thrive in these Never Normal times with our transformative approach. Join us now to embark on a journey of innovation and growth!

Services Provided
AQai - Your Adaptability Quotient:
Our revolutionary AQai assessment delves into the depths of your employee's and organizational adaptability intelligence, providing valuable insights into your ability to navigate change and uncertainty. By understanding your strengths and areas for growth, we lay the foundation for your transformational journey.

AQPlus - Microlearning for Growth Mindset and Resilience:
With AQPlus microlearning programs, we empower you with the skills to cultivate a growth mindset and resilience. These engaging modules ensure you have the tools to continuously evolve and thrive, no matter the challenges that come your way.

4 Principles of Connection - Creating "The Connected Organization":
Our proprietary 4 Principles of Connection model fosters harmonious and productive relationships within organizations. By weaving these principles into your company culture, we enhance collaboration, empathy, and understanding, elevating your organization to new heights of success.

WHY.os Operating System - Unleashing Your Purpose:
Inspired by Simon Sinek's groundbreaking work, WHY.os is designed to help you identify and articulate your purpose in both your personal and professional life. By connecting with your WHY, you'll find meaning and fulfillment in your work, leading to a sense of passion and direction that propels you towards your goals.

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AQai Assessment
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Thought Leaders

Areas of Expertise

AI 30.27
AR/VR 30.66
Business Strategy 31.05
Change Management 38.74
COVID19 47.91
Culture 49.31
Customer Experience 32.48
Digital Disruption 30.48
Digital Transformation 30.12
Diversity and Inclusion 38.08
Entrepreneurship 32.26
Future of Work 71.10
Health and Wellness 31.54
HR 89.39
Innovation 31.39
Leadership 63.49
Management 44.33
Mental Health 33.89
Metaverse 30.82
Generative AI 30.21
Cryptocurrency 30.38
Quantum Computing 30.78
Careers 35.11
Coaching 31.19
Cybersecurity 30.27
Marketing 30.59



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