The Future of Employees, Work, and Leadership | An Interview with John Sanei


One of the top global thought leaders on our future John Sanei offers a dire warning: “Applying normal rules in a complex world is the worst thing we can do.” To help make sense of how all of us should be preparing for what John calls FutureNEXT (also the title of his upcoming book), John joined me for Q&A about what he calls FutureNEXT. Sanei is not surprised to see so many people struggling, even grieving over the death of “normal.” With its passing, our world abruptly transformed from complicated to complex. “Our efficient rules and systems that we used to use failed fast and furious in the early stages of the pandemic. Our ability to forecast and plan were abruptly disabled. Even the experts don’t know what will be coming,” warns this 3X best selling author and Singularity University faculty member.

Sanei recently addressed the challenge of people moving from complicated to complex in a video he posted on LinkedIN. He followed that with a powerful inquiry asking “can we teach passion?” Sanei offers his insights and forecasts for the future employee, future of work, future leadership and more.

Sanei’s presentation is the first of 4 weekly webinars in August hosted by Success Performance Solutions and moderated by Chief Googlization Officer Ira S Wolfe. Click here for more information and registration.

Future topics included Cracking the Curiosity Code, Diversity, Inclusion, and Inequity, and Future of Employment. Learn more.

About Our Speaker!

John Sanei (Sah-nay) comes alive at the intersection of human psychology and futurism and uses his truly unique perspective to discover elegant ways for his global audience to build the clarity and courage needed to approach the future with confidence.

Not only is John Africa's first Singularity University faculty member and a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education, but he is also an Associate Partner at The Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies - the only person on the planet to hold these three positions. His rare ability to combine his fascination with emerging technology and its impact on society with a clear understanding of the way memories and stories influence our reality has seen him share the stage with several world-renowned thought leaders, including Yuval Harari, Nassim Taleb, and Robin Sharma, amongst many others.

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By Ira Wolfe

Keywords: Future of Work, Leadership, Management

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