Change Management - Fixed Verses Growth Mindset Leadership


Even with various approaches to driving change initiatives, we are constantly reminded that many programmes fail to provide the benefits initially defined. Some of the key challenges when implementing change are employee resistance and not learning or applying the new skills, as well as adopting the new behaviours. These traits can be described as aspects of a fixed mindset when change implementation really requires a growth mindset.
Fixed Mindset to Change: Disruption and change by default nearly always has a negative impact on work life. Change resistance is the reaction by the organisation, department or employees when they perceive that an organisational change coming their way could be a threat to them. They are comfortable with the current state and they stick to what they know.

“Fixed mindset leaders will quickly contaminate an organisation by killing growth and creativity, as well as promoting incompetence based on their likeness. This cycle will be replicated unless shareholders intervene ruthlessly” ~ Peter F Gallagher

Growth Mindset to Change: Embrace disruption and change to improve organisation performance and to learn new skills. Mistakes will be made, but this adds to the learning and creates advocates of the change, developing new capability and moving the organisation towards adoption and sustainable change. Continual learning, development and trying new things keeps advocates stimulated and excited.

By Peter F Gallagher

Keywords: Business Strategy, Change Management, Leadership

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