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[Webinar Just Announced] On the Road to Normalcy, Resilience is for Sissies


With the road to normalcy opening up, people are beginning to bask in the glory of their resilience and grit. Expectations are growing for a swift return to normalcy.

But let’s not pop the corks and unleash the celebrations quite yet, says Future of Work Global Thought Leader Ira S Wolfe. “Resilience is offered up as some superpower that can transport us back to normal. But in an era of VUCA (perpetual uncertainty), resilience will feel like walking up a down escalator, “Wolfe says.” Yes, we will experience normal once again but this new normal, next normal, futurenext, or whatever you choose to call it, will be unrecognizable to many of us.”  To grow and thrive, people need to become adept at adaptability.

That will be the topic of an upcoming webinar: “Resilience is for Sissies'' hosted by Wolfe’s company Success Performance Solutions. The date is March 24, 2021 at 11:00 AM ET. Registration is free but required. Wolfe will be joined by an all-star panel of HR thought leaders, passionate about the growth of people and the future success of their organizations. 

  • Heidi Spirgi, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Cornerstone OnDemand

  • Ross Thornley, co-Founder, AQai  

  • Mary Faulkner, Principal, IA-HR

To register and learn more, Click here. For HR professionals, 1 SHRM credit will be available. 

Wolfe, President of Poised for the Future Company and founder of Success Performance Solutions, cites Deloitte’s 2021 Resilience Report as evidence of the potentially debilitating adaptability skill gap:

  • 66% of CXOs don’t feel completely ready to lead

  • 70% don’t have complete confidence in their organizations’ ability to pivot and adapt to disruptive events.

He also points to a recent survey that asked, “how prepared you are for the New Normal.” More than 70 percent of survey respondents chose “we will get through it.” 

In the past, resilience was good enough because our environment changed so much slower. “Unfortunately, getting-through-it is what we consider Level 2 adaptability, only one step above failure,” says Wolfe. “If you plan to grow and thrive, we must do better than that. Resilience, grit, and technical skills just aren’t enough to thrive in a VUCA world.”

Wolfe encourages everyone to join this crucial conversation and help employees to build the courage, gain the confidence, and experience the hope required to grow and thrive.