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Why start-ups are crucial to the 2023 economy


More and More People will be turning to entrepreneurship in 2023

Reasons include reducancy, job dis-satisfaction, need for additional income  - these in addition to the usual reasons of people wanting more freedom, more control over their lives and a better work life balance.

Expert Jan Cavelle says that to re-vitalize the global economy, these new business owners need the best possible support and knowledge on what they are undertaking, if they are to create work for themselves and for others, directly or indirectly which will be so necessary in the years ahead.

Many businesses get off to a good start and then founder as they grow. Firm foundations are essential for success and we all need a higher rate of these businesses to succeed in their growth.

Jan is available to discuss why she believes this is so important, offer help and advice, or comment on all things SME and Start-up related.

Jan Cavelle

Jan Cavelle was herself an entrepreneur for a few decades so she speaks with authentic experience in founding and growing businesses.

She became passionate about supporting others start and grow and became involved in many campaigns to enable this, including being one of the first 50 women chosen for a UK Government campaign to work with other countries in the EU

In addition to speaking, she writes for various publications and now concentrates mainly on her books to support others.   Scale for Success was published by Bloomsbury in 2021 and Start for Success comes out on 25th January.

Setting up entrepreneurs to grow - Start for Success

Start for Success, The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start-ups provides a guide on how to start a business for sustainable growth and also gives a glimpse into what an entrepreneurs life is really like.

From mindset to marketing, sales to systems, fear to finance, all the whys and hows of starting a businesss are discussed so that an entrepreneur can gain in confidence and knowledge.

Practical steps, jargon free, but packed with actionable information.  The book includes anecdotes that illustrate the points made from entrepreneurs all over the world - some funny, some sad, but always entertaining.

A truly authentic look into the world of entrepreneurship, to help and inspire for entrepreneurs everywhere

Start for Success, published 25th January 

The book is available for review and Jan is available to comment on start-ups and how and why she is so passionate to support them, now more than ever, and to offer comments on all things SME/start-up