Press Release

Grace under Pressure: Leading Through Change & Crisis


Grace under Pressure: Leading through Change and Crisis is the sixteenth book by author John Baldoni. The book describes three things leaders need to do when change and adversity strike: take care of their people, take care of themselves, and prepare for the future. And they must do it all with a sense of grace – calmly, collectedly, and compassionately.

Grace under Pressure,” says Baldoni, “will prepare a leader for what comes next by enabling them to lead with courage and resilience and more heart and soul."

"Leaders today," Baldoni says, "will be expected to deliver solace and hope. Solace in remembrance of what has been lost. Hope in the faith that we will learn from our past and make decisions that create a better, more prosperous, and equitable future."

Among the themes Baldoni explores are fear and loss, empathy, resilience, and hope. The book also provides a roadmap for leaders seeking to create community as they meet the coming challenges with dignity and grace.

As noted, empathy plays a role in the book. "Empathy is that ability to sense another person's situation, condition, and discomfort. When a leader feels it, she must act. Sometimes the action is to be there. By that, I mean connecting in a personal way to the person who is suffering.

Other times, it means enacting changes, says Baldoni. "Empathy in the hands of a leader is compassion -- doing what you can to make things better."