Why Too many organizations make critical mistakes when embarking on large-scale digital transformation for their organization ?


Many fail to develop a strategic, proactive, and threat-based cybersecurity program and under-investing in the following five (5) key elements of cybersecurity:

(1) Provide cybersecurity education/training for all members of the organization from the top to the bottom.

(2) Hire the right people to lead the organization’s cybersecurity and data privacy strategic planning and implementation from the start.

(3) Engage independent firms to conduct periodic cybersecurity diagnostic testing, including: computer vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, email system cyber-attack assessments, spear-phishing campaigns, and dark web analysis, to understand the organization’s cyber vulnerabilities and threats.

(4) Ensure continuous 24/7/365 information monitoring, intrusion detection, and rapid cyber incident response services either internally or via outsourced Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP).

(5) Implement and test appropriate information resilience plans and procedures via cyber incident response plans, cyber business continuity plans, and disaster recovery plans.

The key to success is to begin all digital transformation projects with cybersecurity in mind. By engaging with cybersecurity experts from the start of a project, or new business venture, an organization can ask the right questions then develop a proactive and threat-based cybersecurity program. Remember, in the digital age an organization can only achieve information integrity and data privacy through effective cybersecurity.

By Ramy AlDamati

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, EdTech

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