3 More Epidemics Are About to Begin


As I sit here at my desk in my comfy home office, I ponder what the pandemic is doing to my friends and neighbors. Most all of them are first responders and healthcare workers of some sort.

They are fighting an enemy far more dangerous than some invading army that can be seen and fired upon. They go to work every day with the very heightened awareness that not only an altercation with an individual can cause personal injury or even death, but that the inhale of a breath could cause hospitalization or worse…

In the days and weeks to come, this pandemic will subside and the day to day lives of people everywhere will begin to go back to the way life was before. Back to work and into theaters and restaurants and more.

Or will it?

Over the horizon a storm is brewing with a much more powerful resolve and higher death rate. Much more powerful than the Coronavirus, or SARS, or even the Asian Flu from the last 50 years.

I’m talking Post Traumatic Stress, Companion Fatigue and Suicide Ideation. The numbers of affected First Responders, Healthcare Workers and the ones who take care of them will explode to epidemic numbers before the end of 2020. Even an aircraft carrier on the ocean is not exempt and it perpetuates through co-workers, families, and those yet to be born.

Although there many psychotherapeutic services available today, most either succeed in the short-term or not at all. Many end up with lifelong medications that at best, dull the senses and at worse…

What are we to do to help our heroes and their families who save so many lives every day?

All three of these killers can be neutralized with a new question & answer sequence conducted one to one by a certified practitioner in one session without therapy, counselling or office visits. It’s called the CR Process©. The process begins with one 3-hour session followed by 3 one-hour follow-up sessions over a period of 30 days.

The CR Process© was created in January 2010 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the current sequence is used globally on 5 continents, in 13 countries including 26 US States. The sequence is available in 7 languages.

The sequence name is Repetitive Behavior Cellular Regression® and is only available through a certified RBCR Practitioner.

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H.E. Amb. Terry Earthwind Nichols is Chairman of Evolutionary Healer, LLC, a VIP SDVOSB verified global performance transformation company, 4x author, Master Vision Strategist and noted international keynote speaker.

By Amb. Terry Earthwind Nichols

Keywords: Future of Work, Health and Wellness, Mental Health

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