The Corix Partners Friday Reading List - Sept 9, 2022


Top 10 Leadership and Management links of the week, curated by JC Gaillard, focusing on cyber security of course, but also a large cross section of subjects including digital transformation, emerging tech, ESG governance and the future of work


The 3 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Leaders


How to build an organizational culture that is 'cybersecurity ready'


Five Ways To Prepare Your Cybersecurity Program For A Recession


Boards: Don’t mistake business continuity plans for an effective resilience strategy in the face of growing cyber threats


New Cybersecurity Regulations Are Coming. Here’s How to Prepare.


Two years of constant disruption show the value of integrating AI in the supply chain


How Purpose Shapes Culture


The clash of organizational transformation and linear thinking


The Pandemic Transition: The Opportunity For Reluctant Leaders


Today’s work mindset is destroying the very fabric that keeps great companies together


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By Jean-Christophe Gaillard

Keywords: Cybersecurity, Management, Leadership

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