Organisational Change Management Challenges - Sustain Phase


Following on from my last two blogs on the ‘Plan’ and ‘Execute’ phases.
Lots of statistics show organisational change and transformations failing to deliver their intended benefits, and few fully sustain the change. Even if the change programme starts off well in the Plan and continues into the Execute phase, by the time it reaches Sustain it has lost momentum. There are many reasons for this, another change or business priority has come along and key employees in the original change team get promoted, move to other roles or even a different organisation. Whatever the reason, this loss of momentum and focus in the Sustain phase often leads to all the previous good work being undone and the change not being sustained.

Sustain Phase: Change Management Framework (a2BCMF) Steps 9 and 10

9. Thinking Employees will Adopt the Change: Employees will need to be supported throughout all the change phases by the leadership team.

“For change adoption to be successful, leadership needs to ensure employees are supported to develop the new skills, behaviours and motivation that delivers improved future organisation performance”

10. Not Transferring Ownership: Not closing the change properly by using a structured process to ensure sustainment and benefits delivery.

“One of the most difficult tasks in change management is to sustain the change, continuing adoption and aligning new behaviours with the organisation and individual score cards to ensure benefits realisation”

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By Peter F Gallagher

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